Aire Super Lynx Review

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, moderate whitewater, ocean bays, camping, multi-day excursions, families

Brand: Aire

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 14’ 6”, Width 35”, Weight 43 lbs, Load Capacity 600 lbs

Accessories Included: removable aluminum skeg, repair kit, 10 year warranty

Optional Accessories: thigh straps

Kayak Material: 18 and 25 oz 1000 denier fabric

Pros: Stable, rugged, versatile, comfortable, great manoeuvrability, good tracking, compact, easy entry and exit, awesome 10 year warranty, option for thigh straps – more control, seats can be moved around for solo or tandem paddling

Cons: This kayak is pricey. If you can afford it, it is totally worth the money as the Aire kayaks are known to be some of the best quality inflatables on the market. However it is higher priced than most others.

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More In-Depth Info

The Aire Super Lynx was designed as a versatile inflatable kayak that can handle moderate whitewater but also perform quite well on flat water.

It is ideal for people who want to do longer excursions with lots of gear or families that want to bring along a child or their dogs.

Most whitewater inflatable kayaks are not suited for heavier weight and that is what makes this kayak special. It will hold up to 600 pounds and can be loaded right up with absolutely no worry.

It is extremely tough and very durable. As with most of the Aire kayaks this one can be dragged over gravel, can hit jagged rocks or sharp sticks and glide through the water with minimal effort.

It will hold up beautifully and with a 10 year warranty you know you are getting backed by a great company.

Great Features For Whitewater

The Super Lynx comes with comfortable seats and optional thigh straps for paddling in the rapids.

The thigh straps are totally worth using if you are in class II or III whitewater as they will help you have more control and better maneuverability.

It has self-bailing drain valves so if you are in whitewater you have the option of allowing the kayak to rid itself of excess water.

However several people have commented that you will definitely get wet as the water in the self-bailing area gets pushed into the kayak.

In my experience however this is to be expected in most kayaks so I’m not sure it is such a big deal, just something to be aware of.

Comfort And Performance On Flat Water

I love the Super Lynx for flat water paddling. It glides really well and the large removable skeg greatly helps with the tracking.

Even though it is an open deck kayak, it has sleek design that works well on lakes or ocean bays.

The hull speed is decent… not the fastest kayak out there but fairly good. This model is like a jack of all trades, but a master at none.

There are other inflatable kayaks that are better designed for just flat water kayaking and still others that are better suited for just whitewater.

However the Super Lynx was built to handle both very well, and offers the versatility of being able to have fun in all types of water.

You can feel very confident that this kayak will be comfortable, safe, super stable, easy to paddle and fun to use. It is still light enough to bring traveling but solid enough to withstand just about anything.

The seats can be moved around to suit your needs for solo or tandem paddling.

The Down Side

The down side in my opinion is the price. It is much higher priced than other tandem inflatable kayaks.

However it is worth noting that everyone I know of who has ever bought an Aire kayak has said it was totally worth every penny. So this is only a downside for those of us who would like one but can’t afford it.

Also I have to admit that I wish it weighed a little bit less. It’s not too bad at 43 pounds as this is still light enough to bring on an airplane without extra fees and can still be carried easily by two people.

I personally find it a little heavy to carry by myself. If you are going out solo, you might want one of those little kayak carts with wheels to help get it to the water.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an extremely well made multipurpose tandem inflatable kayak that can hold a ton of weight, be used on rivers, lakes, or ocean bays then the Super Lynx will fulfill all of your needs and last for a very, very long time.

It is ideal for fishing, expeditions, families and those simply looking for a high quality versatile watercraft.

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  1. We have owned an super lynx for several years and love it. Great flat water performance (for an ik) and lots of fun on rivers. Class II, no problem. Class III, if you mess up you will swim. Class IV, be ready to swim.

    Two adults, dry bag, cooler, and a dog or two, no problem.

    We took it to Europe as one of our free checked bags. Boat, (no seats), 4 piece paddles, pumps, pfd’s, and helmet fit into a duffle bag right at the max 50lb. limit. Used bags as back rests and had a blast. Easily stowed in the boot of the rental Fiat Panda. (very small car)

  2. Just purchased my Super Lynx and have only used it on flatwater and class II rapids so far. After reading these reviews, I can say that it tracks a little better than I had expected. I have some experience paddling whitewater boats, which take some adjustments to your paddle stroke to keep straight. I suggest the same is true with the SL. Play with your stroke, blade entry and exit positions, etc and you’ll master this thing on flatwater in no time.

    I had considered Aire’s Tributary line of imported boats, but opted for the Aire brand instead, as I did not care for the quality and cost-cutting features on friends Tomcats. It is so nice owning something of this quality and you can’t beat Aire’s warranty. I will be back as soon as I can run her on some class III whitewater and update my review.

  3. Any thought on this as a single in relatively flat water? Any tips on single paddling this beast? Would be perfect for when I have two people but I often find myself solo too. I’m into photography so the stability is a huge plus and speed is much less of concern. Wind seems like it might be an issue with this big of a boat. I live in West Texas where it is seldom calm. Main use would be as a photo/fishing platform in anything from farm ponds to large lakes (no rapids intended).

    • Everyone I know who has paddled the Super Lynx has loved it. It’s no problem to paddle solo, you will just need to adjust the seats. Takes a little extra effort and strength to paddle solo but it’s no problem and it paddles well. It is definitely stable and well suited for flat water. It actually handles wind fairly well. I find inflatable kayaks a little more susceptible to wind in general than a hard-shell kayak because of their pontoon like sides and the fact that you sit a little higher out of the water. However all things considered the Super Lynx handles it well. It would work great as a photo/fishing platform for sure.

  4. Ended up selling the Super Lynx and replacing it with an Aire Lynx II. The SL was just a little to long for the rivers that I paddle. It is a great IK, just not for me.

    • Scott Toland says:

      It is long for tight rivers. Part of the compromise for good flat water performance. I’d love to have a short Aire or Hyside for creeks. Someday.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful reviews. I’m torn between the sea eagle 385ft and the Aire super lynx. I’m primarily going to be doing flat water, but may want to do a very rare river outing where we could encounter just a tiny bit of white water. Two people plus my 50lb dog. I like that the 385ft has a firm/stand up bottom and is lighter, but I like the durability of the Aire. I’m willing to spend more for the Aire if it’s a better fit. Thoughts????
    adrienne in Colorado…

    • It’s a tough call. I personally prefer the FastTrack on flat water. However there is no doubt the quality of the Aire Super Lynx is superb. Plus it’s fairly versatile. I don’t think you can go wrong either way. The Super Lynx paddles well, is comfortable and has an awesome warranty. The FastTrack is able to pick up a little better speed and is highly portable, I’ve always been happy with it. However for versatility such as paddling whitewater, the Super Lynx is a good choice.

      • I’m in the same situation. I like the SE 465 and think it may suit us best whit the3 seating and faster on flat water but am a bit concerned about the durability.

        I’ve being reading reports that the SE doesn’t hold old very well with age what do you think.

        • All I can say is I have never had a single issue with any of my Sea Eagle kayaks. Even my very first kayak I bought about 8 years ago (the Sea Eagle 380X) is still going strong – I sold it to a friend who now uses it. As long as it is taken care of and stored away properly it should hold up well. Sea Eagle also has a good three year warranty… Not quite as good as Aire’s 10-year warranty but still nice to have.

  6. kinda hefty says:

    You didn’t say anything about how long it takes to dry out an IK with bladders. The Super Lynx meets my needs for a tough touring crossover, except (from what I’ve read) it takes awhile to drain it before packing. How long does that take, and what do you need to do? I would be transporting it on a bicycle trailer, so carrying the weight of a wet boat is not an option. I really don’t want an IK that’s not self-bailing or a pure WW IK, so are there other options?

    • I don’t find the drainage that bad. There are two drain holes you can use to rid the kayak of excess water but to be honest I usually just turn the kayak upside down and let the water drain out. Then towel dry making sure to get in the creases before you roll it up. The whole process doesn’t take long and I’ve never had any real issues with water getting trapped. The Aire kayaks are pretty much the best suited IK’s for whitewater. The Aire Lynx and the Aire Force are also great options if you want a solo model.

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