Aire Sea Tiger Review

Best Uses: Touring, day trips, ocean, flat water, rivers, camping, fishing, snorkeling, scuba-diving

Brand: Aire

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 18’, Width 35”, Weight 61 lbs, Load Capacity 700 lbs

Accessories Included: foot rudder, duffle bag, repair kit, owners manual, 10 year warranty, 2 inflatable seats

Kayak Material: 18 oz. /1000 denier PVC tubes, 25 oz. /1100 denier PVC floor

Pros: Stable, rugged, self-bailing, versatile, comfortable, great maneuverability, compact, easy entry and exit, great tracking, phenominal 10 year warranty

Cons: Struggles with super strong head winds, a little on the heavy side

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More Detailed Info

The Aire Sea Tiger is one of Aire’s specialty inflatable kayaks and it is great for many different types of water including icy ocean salt water, lakes and calm rivers. This kayak is very versatile and highly durable.

It comes with one of Aire’s excellent ten year warranties and with a little care this inflatable kayak will likely last you a lifetime. It is well worth its higher price tag if you and will get you anywhere you need to go with absolutely no troubles. For a touring inflatable kayak, it is top notch.

Aire had taken the Sea Tiger off the market for awhile as it wasn’t one of their best selling products. However it is now available again and has been gaining recent popularity.

Back now and better than ever, it is very stable and extremely rugged. Everyone who has reviewed this inflatable kayak has loved it. There is lots of room for two people to be comfortable with plenty of room for gear and/or a dog as well.

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Great Features / Great Performance

The Sea Tiger comes with a foot rudder which does wonders for tracking. Although some people have claimed to bring the Sea Tiger on an airplane and used it on their vacations, it wouldn’t be my choice for a traveling kayak as it is a little on the heavy side.

The way I think is that anything over fifty pounds is simply not coming with me on an airplane. But that’s just me and others seem to have no problem with it.

Although the Sea Tiger does have excellent tracking, it will not be the fastest kayak in the water. It is quite long, but not as sleek as say the Sawtooth and the width tends to slow it down a little.

That being said it can hold one heck of a lot of gear and still paddles very well. With a 700 pound weight limit, you would be hard pressed to load this kayak to its limit.

There are forty tie-down points and twelve D-rings so there are lots of places to attach an anchor if needed. This inflatable kayak is very popular for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The seats are also completely adjustable so they can be adjusted to paddle solo or tandem depending on your needs.

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Final Thoughts

The Aire Sea Tiger is a great self-bailing sea kayak that can hold a lot of weight and paddle nicely wherever you want to go. It is very strong and extremely well made – it will get you wherever you want to go safely and with ease.

Excellent inflatable kayak for ocean fun like snorkeling and scuba diving as well as fishing and camping expeditions. Comes with an awesome ten year warranty!

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