Inflatable Kayak Rental Companies in the US

I am always on the lookout for companies that offer inflatable kayak rentals or adventure tours. These can be a great way for people to test them out, see how they feel and what they are like to paddle.

Below are the companies that I am aware of at this time. I will add more to the list as I discover them. Or if you know of more, feel free to drop me an email so I can add them on.

Many of the companies listed are whitewater rafting companies but have a few inflatable kayaks that they will rent out as well. If whitewater is not your thing and you are looking for more flat water paddling, you can usually take the kayak to a destination of your choice… just check the rental guidelines.

Canyon Raft Rentals –

Location: Auburn, California

What they Offer: Besides some great guided rafting trips they offer rentals of their 1 and 2-person inflatable kayaks. They offer free training, an optional shuttle service to the Middle Fork Class II run and are located just above the North and Middle Fork American River. Inflatable kayak rental costs range from $35 – $79 depending on the kayak you choose and how long you want to rent it for.

River Journey Adventures –

Location: Knights Ferry, California

What they Offer: Raft and inflatable kayak rentals as well as guided rafting trips on the Stanislaus River. Rental includes choice of 1 or 2-person inflatable kayak, lifejackets, paddles and return shuttle. They are only open from May to September and rental prices range from $28 – $65 depending on the kayak and the day.

Big Foot Rafting –
Location: Willow Creek, California

What they Offer: 1 and 2-person inflatable kayak rentals including all the gear you could need for running up to class III rapids. Located in far Northwestern California in the middle of the Six Rivers National Forest, the staff are extremely knowledgeable and able to help you choose the section of the river that will suit your needs best.

Colorado Kayak Supply –

Location: Buena Vista, Colorado

What they Offer: At the Buena Vista store, CKS offers inflatable kayak rentals as well as rentals for gear and accessories. Their rentals are available Spring though September 1st. They are in a great location to numerous great waterways including the Buena Vista Whitewater Park, and famous Arkansas River sections like Browns Canyon, the Numbers, the Fractions and the Milk Run.

Rocky Mountain Adventures –

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

What they Offer: 1 or 2-person inflatable kayak rentals. Kayak only rentals or kayak plus gear. Single or multi-day packages. Prices range from $30 to $59 depending on the type of kayak. Require a fairly large deposit.

Mountain Whitewater Descents –

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

What they Offer: Full day rentals of 1 or 2-person inflatable kayaks with lifejacket, helmet, paddle, pump and spray jacket. Prices range from $37 to $45.

Rimrock Adventures –

Location: Fruita, Colorado

What they Offer: Rental of solo or tandem Hyside inflatable kayaks or the tandem Tributary Tomcat inflatable kayak. Half-day to multi-day rentals. Prices range from $25 – $45 per day.

Blue Sky Adventure –

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

What they Offer: Solo or tandem Hyside kayak rentals for single or multi-day use. Equipment rental is available as well if needed. Kayak rental prices range from $30 to $60 per day.

Green River Adventures –

Location: Saluda, North Carolina

What they Offer: 2 options for inflatable kayaking trips on the Green River – a 4-mile paddle on the lower section of the Green River, great for beginners and those looking for easier whitewater OR a 4-mile upper section of the river for those with previous experience and looking for more of a rush. They also have kayak instruction, guided hikes to waterfalls and swimming holes as well as stand-up paddleboard rentals.

Wildwater Rafting –

Location: Near Bryson City, North Carolina

What they Offer: If you have some previous experience with whitewater kayaking, then you are able to rent their solo or tandem inflatable kayaks as well as gear. They provide the transportation to and from the river and the use of their facilities but you are on your own once you start paddling. It is recommended that you have some experience for this river run.

Kokopelli River Guides –

Location: Ashland, Oregon

What they Offer: Full and half day rental options. Kayaking trips are 2 – 4 hours on the water. River rating is class 2+. They offer to pick you up or meet at the Kokopelli River Center. Rentals are from April to September.

Ouzel Outfitters –

Location: Bend, Oregon

What they Offer: Aire or Hyside inflatable kayaks available for single to multi-day use. Prices are $35 per day or $175 for a week. You can take the kayak wherever you like but popular destinations include the Grand Ronde River, McKenzie River, Umpqua River, Deschutes River and John Day River.

Oregon River Rentals –

Location: Happy Valley, Oregon

What they Offer: At this time they offer rentals of the Tributary Tomcat Solo and Tandem as well as the Airhead Montana solo or tandem kayaks. Rental packages start at $30. They are close to Waldo Lake and Lost Lake, as well as a short drive to the Clackamas, Sandy, and White Salmon rivers.

Alder Creek –

Location: Portland, Oregon

What they Offer: 1 or 2 peson self-bailing whitewater inflatable kayaks. Rental includes paddle, PFD, helmet and dry bag. Prices are $40 for 1 day, $20 for each additional day or $120 for 1 week.

Whitewater Cowboys –

Location: Merlin, Oregon

What they Offer: You can rent the Sotar Torpedo inflatable kayak – a model that was designed specifically for kayaking the Rogue River. Rental includes the kayak, seat, life jacket and paddle. Prices range from $30 to $130.

Extreme Adventure Travel –

Location: White Haven, Pensylvania

What they Offer: Solo and tandem inflatable kayak rentals including paddle and lifejackets. Shuttle services also available for the Upper and Lower Lehigh River Gorge. Prices vary from $40 – $75.

Chattooga Whitewater Paddling Services –

Location: Long Creek, South Carolina

What they Offer: They have Aire inflatable kayak rentals as well as equipment rentals and non-guided trips on easy to intermediate sections of the Chattooga River. Prices range from $32 – $40 per day.

Compare inflatable kayak models for more information.

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