Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 Review

Best Uses: Rivers (up to class III rapids), Ocean, Lakes, Day trips, Camping, Families

Brand: Advanced Elements

Number of Paddlers: 2 or can be converted for 1 paddler

Stats: Length 13’ Width 35”, Weight 47 lbs, Load Capacity 500 lbs

Accessories Included: Carrying duffel bag, folding seat, repair kit, owner’s manual

Kayak Material: Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin material for extreme puncture resistance

Pros: Stable, rugged, easy to lift, comfortable, compact, great maneuverability, easy entry and exit, dries fairly quickly

Cons: If kayaking solo, wind will push it some.

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More Detailed Info

Just like the solo StraitEdge, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 inflatable kayak is very, very stable.

Many people have commented that they have layed back and taken naps or turned the seats around to face each other and had a floating picnic. This inflatable kayak makes you feel very secure and comfortable in the water.

The Strait Edge 2 is a self-bailing inflatable kayak that has incorporated an aluminum bow and stern frame to improve tracking in open water.

This addition has made a huge improvement for this kayak although many traditional kayakers are quick to point out that the tracking still doesn’t measure up to a good hard shell kayak.

That being said however the StraitEdge 2 has been rated as very comfortable, fairly speedy(especially with 2 people paddling) and like I said before, extremely stable.

It has the convenience of being used as a tandem or as a solo kayak as the seats can be moved and can handle well in any type of water from whitewater to flat lakes to ocean swells.


One thing to take note of is that it has a wide main air chamber and for that reason a paddle of 230cm is recommended for optimum paddling.

The seats are perfectly good for day trips but if you plan on doing long excursions you may want to upgrade them.

The seats are removable so you always have the option of adding high-back seats that offer even more comfort and support.

I personally can’t stand an aching back while i’m kayaking and will always go for as much comfort as I can get.

Final Thoughts

At 47 pounds the StraitEdge 2 is easy to carry with two people. Overall this is an excellent inflatable kayak for recreational paddling for one person, two people, families, or even dogs.

I think it will surpass your expectations and leave you feeling satisfied with its performance.

This kayak also comes in a solo version. See the Advanced Elements StraitEdge review for more information.

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