8 Big Reasons to Kayak

I have always loved outdoor sports and activities… hiking, walking, running, kayaking… they are all a big part of my life. I couldn’t imagine not being able to enjoy these outdoor recreational sports. They are a priority in my life now and I know always will be in the future.

When I think about kayaking I feel a mix of calmness, excitement and anticipation.  Kayaking can be a different experience for everyone and there are lots of reasons to take up paddling.  Below are eight big reasons that come to mind for me.

Why Kayak?
  1. Exercise – Kayaking offers an unbelievable core workout. Besides working the arms, shoulders and back it also directly works the core muscles that often get neglected. It is a fantastic aerobic activity.
  2. Relaxation – Have you ever experienced just sitting in your kayak as it laps slowly with the calm waves and watched a sunset or perhaps a sunrise. It provides a feeling of utter calmness that cannot be matched and complete relaxation that is so often lacking in our daily lives.
  3. Friends – Fellow kayakers have a bond of their own and whether you are sharing your paddling experience with friends, family or your dog, it is an incredible way to bond, share and laugh with those that you love.
  4. Adventure – We often think of whitewater kayaking as the most adventurous type of paddling but the truth is that all kayaking can be a huge adventure. Whether you are racing the rapids, exploring new areas or watching wildlife, when you go on a kayak trip there is no doubt there will be some kind of adventure.
  5. Keep Cool – During the summer months when it is sweltering hot, it can often be difficult to do any type of outdoor activity for too long without working up an incredible sweat and possibly a sun burn. Kayaking offers a cool alternative. Usually there is a nice breeze on the water and if you get hot you simply have to splash some water on yourself. Just make sure you are fully sun protected!
  6. Nature – To go out kayaking offers a chance at being close with nature, watching the birds, the fish and the wildlife. Whether kayaking in an ocean, a lake or in the river you can bet you will be completely surrounded and connected with the living presence of nature. There is nothing more beautiful than that.
  7. All Ages – Any person of any age can enjoy the kayaking experience. Even if you have reached an age where you just don’t think you have it in you there is always an option. A tandem kayak can allow an older person to enjoy the ride and contribute when they feel like it. How wonderful it is that multi-generations can enjoy this sport together.
  8. FUN – Above all else what is the biggest reason to kayak? Kayaking is absolutely a fun and enjoyable experience. It is pretty hard to be anything but happy when paddling in the water. There is no better reason to try an outdoor activity then to simply have fun and put a smile on your face.

These are the eight biggest reasons for me to get out and enjoy the sport of kayaking. How about you? What are your reasons for kayaking?

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