Why the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame?

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I have noticed over the last couple of years that the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame is by far one of the more popular solo inflatable kayaks on my website.

Many people decide to purchase a convertible inflatable kayak meaning a tandem model that can be converted for solo use. This gives the flexibility of being able to paddle tandem or solo.

However for those looking strictly for a solo model, the AdvancedFrame is a clear winner for many. It is interesting to look at why this is.

What Makes the AdvancedFrame so Popular?

The AE AdvancedFrame is a great inflatable kayak. It is not perfect but it does have several key points that make it really stand out.

1. Design – Many inflatable kayaks have a more open design but the AdvancedFrame has a sit-inside cockpit that looks more like a standard hard-shell kayak. I think for this reason it really appeals to people. It has a very nice design that not only offers protection from the elements but provides a more “authentic” kayak feel and experience.

2. Accessories – One of the best things the Advanced Frame has going for it is that it has the option of adding a couple of accessories that are not offered on many inflatable kayaks.

It has the option of adding a backbone for extra rigidity and strength. The backbone will really help this kayak to track straighter and paddle faster. Instead of the backbone there is also the option of adding a super rigid floor which will provide the same benefits.

The other great option the AdvancedFrame has is a spray skirt. The spray skirt is excellent if you plan to do any sea kayaking or if you plan to kayak in cold weather. It will stop any water from entering in the cockpit and provide you warmth and protection.

3. Price – Although this model is priced around $450, it is often possible to get it on sale for under $400. That is an excellent price for a decent quality solo inflatable kayak.

I think this price range really appeals to a lot of people. It is enough of a cost that you know you are not getting junk but not too much to make you feel like you are investing a huge load of money.

The middle of the road price range will appeal to those who plan to kayak recreationally and want a model that will last them for several years to come.

For more information on this inflatable kayak including a list of all the pros and cons please see our Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Review.

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