Why Choose an Inflatable Kayak

Ali setting up Sea Eagle 380XI do believe that more and more people are choosing to purchase an inflatable kayak as I did as opposed to a rigid kayak.

However we are still a fairly small community and although most people are very curious to know more about inflatable kayaks I still get some funny looks from those avid hard-shell kayaking people.

That’s okay, as many of us know there are some really great reasons for choosing an inflatable kayak.

Some of the major reasons why a person might choose an inflatable kayak as opposed to a rigid kayak are:

  1. They don’t want the hassle of having to tie the kayak up on top of their vehicle for transportation.
  2. They may not have the space to store a rigid kayak
  3. They travel and want the convenience of being able to bring their inflatable kayak with them.
  4. They want to use it as an extra kayak for when family and friends are visiting.

All of these are excellent reasons to choose an inflatable kayak and they are all factors that I considered when I first began my search for an inflatable kayak years ago.

As someone who originally had always paddled in a rigid kayak I had my reservations about inflatable kayaks as I think most people do when they first begin their search.

As I did my research and got involved in the semi-small inflatable kayaking community I learned a few things:

  • Inflatable kayaks are far sturdier than I ever imagined.
  • There is a large range of sizes and styles of inflatable kayaks.
  • They are extremely easy to set up and fun to use.
  • They are perfect for anyone, such as myself, who lives in a condo and has no space to store a hard-shell kayak.
  • They are wonderful to travel with.

Of course the quality of inflatable kayaks can vary greatly. Typically the more you are willing to spend, the better the kayak you are going to get, but that doesn’t mean that a cheaper model won’t serve you well.

Sea Eagle 380XI don’t think it is realistic to expect an inflatable kayak to paddle as fast as many of the streamlined rigid kayaks do but I can promise that they do offer great convenience, comfort and a lot of fun.

I believe they are 100% worth the purchase and a great investment for any family, individual or couple. They are usually very stable, solid and work well for dogs too!

My Own Personal Choice

I myself purchased the Sea Eagle 380X and have been more than pleased with this inflatable kayak. It is a tandem kayak and I most often use it with two people. In the future I plan on purchasing a very lightweight solo model which I will use strictly for airplane travel. The great thing about inflatable kayaks is that there is lots of choice and no matter what your criteria, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

If you love to paddle, love to travel and are looking for a convenient way to get out on the water then an inflatable kayak is an excellent way to go.

Please see our inflatable kayak reviews for detailed information on each individual inflatable kayak model.


  1. Angus Munro says:

    Well…I bought a new Sevylor Hudson and it was useless. After only one outing, where walkers were overtaking me on the footpath and the slight breeze pushed the thing all over the place, I then had the extraordinary experience of trying to dry it out. Even in the intense heat of a fantastic summer day it took forever. I spoke with the dealer a day later and to my great amazement he offered me a full refund, even though my canoe was soiled with river bank mud that simply would not wash out of the white seam.
    However, when I returned the inflatable Hudson I bought instead a Dagger Kayak. Simply fantastic. Inflatables? Sorry, not for me…

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