The Ultimate Travel Kayak

I recently reviewed the newly designed Airis kayaks by Walker Bay so have been writing about them quite a bit lately.

I was so impressed with their quality, performance and most of all their convenience and portability.

One of their models in particular, the Airis Play is the absolute ideal inflatable kayak to take traveling.

Most people who decide to purchase an inflatable kayak do so for one of three reasons (or possibly for all three reasons like me)…

  1. They want a kayak that they can transport in the trunk of their vehicle as opposed to having to worry about lifting it up and securing it on a roof rack.
  2. They want a kayak that can be stored in a small space such as a closet.
  3. They want a kayak they can take traveling by airplane, boat, RV or car.

There are many models that can easily go traveling with you but the Airis Play tops them all as far as convenience, quality and portability go.

This kayak is small and compact as well as versatile and fun. It only weighs 18 lbs. and can be carried in the backpack that comes with it.

Checking it on an airplane is really simple. As it weighs so little, it costs nothing extra when checking in (if you are allowed 2 check-in bags) so it can be brought with you anywhere.

It inflates in mere minutes and is extremely rigid and solid.

The Play can be paddled on lakes, ocean bays or even rivers. The compact size means it is not a touring kayak but the large skeg helps with the tracking and all in all it paddles very well considering it is only 8’ 6” long.

Don’t Let the Small Size Fool You

Some people think that because the Play is not very big it will not support a larger person.

However in my experience it will support a large variety of people.

Kids love it, as it is so easy to maneuver. Adults love it because it is fun and sporty.

It is wide enough to be comfortable for a larger person and there is actually a surprising amount of legroom.

The majority of the length of this kayak is all up front. Therefore a taller person might have to bend their knees a bit but it will still be comfy.

Just keep in mind the load capacity is 225 lbs. It could hold more with no major issues but it will not paddle as well.


Carry With One Hand

For me traveling is all about convenience. I don’t want bulky or heavy stuff with me to carry to and from wherever I am going.

The Play fits the bill. Not only can it be carried on your back in the deluxe backpack but it can also be carried with one arm when inflated.

It weighs so little that it can be carried anywhere.


Exploring different waterways while traveling is a must for me.

I find that you see so much more of the area from out in the water then you would just traveling on land.

The Play is perfect for meandering up winding rivers, paddling on remote lakes or cruising along the ocean shoreline.

Although there is not much room for extra gear it could even be used for fishing.

The fact that the quality is so good means that you can rely on this kayak to paddle in most types of water with no issues.

If you are really ambitious you can even take this kayak hiking to find some remote waterways to paddle.

If you love to travel and explore new places, the convenience of the Airis Play is hard to beat.

I will personally be taking this kayak traveling with me to as many places as possible.

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