Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Canoe Review


Best Uses: Rivers, lakes, ocean fishing, diving, traveling

Brand: Sevylor

Available At: – Sevylor Colorado

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 10’ 6”, Width 39”, Weight 32 lbs., Load Capacity 440 lbs

Accessories Included: 2 flexible bucket seats, nylon carrying bag, two directional stakes, repair kit,

Optional Accessories: 12-volt motor

Kayak Material: PVC

Pros: Works well with either canoe or kayak paddles, option of adding a small motor, convenient, very easy set up, comfortable, sturdy

Cons: Workable but could be better

More Detailed Info

Both the Sevylor Colorado and its solo version the Sevylor Rio are fun inflatable canoes. They are not necessarily the best quality canoes on the market but they are solid, easy to paddle and great for recreational use.

For a very affordable price you get an inflatable canoe that is styled very similar to a traditional North American Indian canoe. It is sturdy and stable and offers two flexible bucket seats.

The seats are fairly comfortable and have a storage pocket attached to the back as well as two handy bottle holders.

The Sevylor Colorado can be paddled with either canoe or kayak paddles and comes with the option of adding a small motor which can be very convenient for fishing. It is very easy to set up and inflates within minutes.

As I mentioned before this inflatable canoe is very inexpensive. The fact that the price is so low, you really can’t expect too much out of it as far as quality and performance go. It will simply not compare to an inflatable canoe that costs $1000.

However for the money paid, this canoe is fun, convenient and great for those who have a lack of storage space and can be paddled by any person of any age.

It is perfect for beginners or for those who like to get out now and again to fish, paddle and relax on the water. Although the cost is very affordable I think you can still rely on the fact that this canoe is stable, sturdy and solid.

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Final Thoughts

I think this inflatable canoe is really ideal for families on a budget who want a convenient canoe to take camping and traveling and to be able to enjoy getting out on the water… lake, river or ocean.

It is also ideal for fishing, recreation and beginners who want an affordable option that allows them to get out in a stable boat that is easy to paddle. It may not last forever but you can expect many years of use out of this inflatable canoe.

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  1. Hello

    Congratulations for your website! At the moment I own a 2012 sevylor colorado and I am very happy with it. However I am planning to buy a new canoe which is more rigid and theoritically goes faster at sea touring with less energy expenditure. I am thinking of buying the sevylor sport kayak SK200DS which has a very rigid floor and it is supposed to very good in white waters. Can you please make a review for this? Do you know if it has a good straight line performance at the sea and if it is indeed faster than colorado? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Paul, Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with the Sevylor SK200DS. However just from looking at the shape of it, I would say it very likely paddles straighter and faster than the Colorado. I don’t have any first hand experience with it but it definitely looks like it would be a step up. Sorry I couldn’t help you more. Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to review it.

  2. I am looking to purchase a tandem IK…in my price range Im looking at the airhead montana or the sevylor colorado. My big question is what is the best tracking tandem? for under 500?

    • I find the tracking for the Colorado and the Montana fairly similar, possibly a little better with the Montana. Another option is the Sea Eagle 370… I find the tracking for the SE 370 better than the other two and in the same price range.

  3. Hi, congratulations for the web!!
    First of all, I apologize if I,m writing English a bit bad because itsn´t my native language. We are thinking to buy an inflatable kayak for two people and We have several doubts…

    We want the kayak for lakes and also pass trough “easy-medium” river (I think until level III)… We´ve looked up in internet and We´ve found sevylor kayak like HUDSON, YUKON OR POINTER K2 but really… We don´t understand what differences are betwen them… We don´t know what of them could be better for our needs, I meant what is harder against the rocks, what´s easier to handle, more maneuverable (less wind-affection), etc.

    On the other hand, I saw some video about for example Sevylor river xk2 or similar kayaks going trough a medium-difficulty river (I meant with rocks and “white water) and this kayak seem to go very well in these rivers… What´s the different between the first kayak that I´ve written? are sevylor river xk2 or the current sevylor river better than for example yukon or pointer for go trough a river??

    Thanks for your attetion and I hope your answer. Regards.

    • Hi Raul, As far as I know the Sevylor River XK2 is the better model of the kayaks you mentioned and probably toughest for paddling rivers. However for exact details on the differences between these models I would suggest contacting… My experience with the Sevylor kayaks is limited and I think they will be able to help you more. Good luck!

      • Thanks!!! Actually I,ve already asked to sevylor for it, but they told me pointer is the best for our needs… but I,m afraid they´re telling me that because river xk2 is “out of order now” because is a old kayak and they dont manufacturer it anymore… 🙁

    • Hello Raul, the sevylor river XK2 is no longer exist. Its production has stopped long time ago. Yukon has many features and accessories BUT there were many complaints for its quality. I don’t recommend it. Pointer is for mild water, it’s not designed for rivers but mainly for long touring (if this is what you want I advise you to buy advance frame from advance elements). Hudson is like colorado. It is good for 2 or 3 persons for small ocean touring, mild rivers but it will not have any room for camping gears. All of these canoes are wide enough and are not designed for long tourings or rivers. I own a sevylor colorado 2012 model which is fine for small tourings and mild rivers and has enough space for 2 persons and camping gear. Very similar kayak is the z pro tango TA200.

  4. Thanks friend I was about to buy yukon but now Im going to reconsiderate it!!! What do you think about StraitEdge Canoe Advanced Elements for river with levels II or III ???

  5. Hello Raul. First of all you need to decide where you want to use the kayak. If rivers is what you want then you need to find a wide (for stability), not very long (for easy maneuvers), self bailing (to let the water goes out) kayak with very rigid pvc or high pressure floor and tubes (durable to rocks). It’s the opposite compared to touring kayaks. Straitedge from advance elements, klickitat from Aquaglide, zpro tango Flush (Maxxon is the name for America) are good choices. Innova (gumotex is the name for europe), Aire and Nrs are also three companies with great quality kayaks for white water kayaking. A bit expensive though… Check your budget, read reviews and make your decision. I hope I helped you

  6. Thanks Paul!! Really you have been very kind!! I,m going to look up in intenet reviews!!

  7. Sevylor Colorado says:

    Paid nearly $500 for the canoe. We use it 3-5 times a year. At two years old the main side bladder blew a 4 inch hole right on the seam while drying in the garage (in Tahoe so it’s not blistering heat by any means). Sevylor now Coleman doesn’t sell or have any help for a replacement bladder??? It’s a $500 inflatable device and the seam separated!!! Are you kidding me???

    Loved it before this however, I would NEVER recommend a Sevylor product again because of this policy. Shame on you Coleman!

    • The exact same issue happened to me and a friend of mine who also owened a sevylor Colorado 2011 model (the yellow one). The old model was much better in terms of quality. The new model has vey bad seams. I replaced mine with a zpro tango 300 and hopefully it will be better. I also made a review on YouTube concerning the bad quality of the new Colorado. I suggest you do the same , to let the people know about this junk model.

      • Hi there

        I run a fleet of Colorados here in Montenegro, and can tell you two things with certainty:

        1. If you leave these boats out fully inflated in over 30C they will blow a seam. Air expands when hot and contracts when it’s cool, so if you’re not going to fold your boat away when not in use, keep it inflated only to about 80%.
        2. The new Colorado model has been clearly designed down to a cost. The 2011-on model has inferior straps, inferior handles and the seams are of extremely poor quality. I bought 2 2 years ago and already they are falling apart – not happy.

        However, the pre-2011 “classic” model with the raised seams and non-Boston floor bladder valve are tough as boots and still widely available. I’ve been buying them instead of the new model, and have only had to replace my very oldest boats, which have done 2/3 tours a week for four 6 month seasons straight.

  8. Hello
    I am considering of this inflatable conoe for our 2day portage in the lake. Do you think this will do the job?


  9. charles s says:

    Paid $550 for the canoe. We use it 3-5 times a year. At two years old the main side bladder blew a 4 inch hole in the seam while drying in the garage (in Tahoe so it’s not blistering heat by any means). Sevylor now Coleman doesn’t sell or have any help for a replacement bladder??? It’s a $500 inflatable device and the seam separated!!! Spoke with Tony the manager at Coleman today and while nice he has nothing to offer but a 35% discount on a new canoe? So I have a $550 disposable kayak…NICE for the consumer and the landfills.
    Loved it before this however, I would NEVER recommend a Sevylor product again because of this policy. Shame on you Coleman!

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