Random Facts on Inflatable Kayaks

I have a list of totally random notes that I had been collecting on inflatable kayaks that I thought I may use in an article at some point. After just reading through them I realized maybe I should just make my notes into one single post.

Here are some totally random but useful facts about inflatable kayaks that may be of interest.

  • When traveling with your inflatable kayak most airlines will not guarantee the safety of your kayak if it is just stored in its regular duffel bag. Put it in a traveling duffel bag or a small suitcase for protection.
  • Quickest way to pump up your inflatable kayak is with an electric pump (it doesn’t need to cost any more than $20 or $30). After it is pumped up top it off with a hand or foot pump so that it is rigid and hard for maximum performance.  Check out our  inflatable kayaks pumps page.
  • To prevent your inflatable kayak from getting moldy wipe it down with a towel then let it air dry awhile before deflating it and storing it away.
  • AIRE is still the only inflatable kayak company that fixes damage free of charge on their American made products.
  • AIRE is known to produce the highest quality and most trustworthy inflatable kayaks in the world.
  • NRS kayaks are often used as rentals by outfitters.
  • Innova kayaks have actually been in production for decades but under the parent company which is located in the Czech Republic. The North American branch was founded in 1992 by three friends who had a goal of importing durable and affordable inflatable kayaks for the average consumer that provide quality that would satisfy even the most avid kayaker.
  • Inflatable kayaks are practically unsinkable – even when they are full of water.
  • Inflatable kayaks are now used by the US Coast Guards and the Army/Navy.
  • A 303 UV protectant will help your inflatable kayak to last for many, many years with very little sun damage.
  • If you have an inflatable kayak or are going to purchase one, leave a review once you have used it as this is the most helpful way for others to make an informed decision as to which kayak is right for them.

Check out our comprehensive reviews for detailed info on specific inflatable kayaks.

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