5 Inflatable Kayak Paddling Goals

How important is it to set goals for your inflatable kayak adventures?

Goals are the best way to achieve what you desire. Many of us set life goals on New Years Eve, but what about goals for our passions and daily fun? If you like to go paddling in your inflatable kayak it can be a great idea to set some paddling goals.

After you have set these goals, it is really rewarding to look at them from time to time to see which ones you have accomplished. Below are five great goals that all inflatable kayak paddlers can use for the year to come.

5 Inflatable Kayak Paddling Goals for 2010

  1. Take your inflatable kayak to a new location. In my opinion one of the greatest things about owning an inflatable kayak is that it can be transported just about anywhere. There are so many beautiful waterways just waiting to be explored by you. Whether it is half an hour from your home or in a different country, take your inflatable kayak to a new location and paddle in some water that you have never been to before.
  2. Learn a new paddling technique. I know for myself I can get very complacent with the kayaking techniques that I already know. We tend to stick with what is comfortable and that can inhibit us from trying something new. Learning a new kayaking technique can make a big difference in your paddling experience and help you to feel more confident and powerful on the water.
  3. Take a kayaking lesson. I never used to want to take kayaking lessons because I always enjoyed going out solo and having the freedom to do as I please. However there is no doubt about it, kayaking lessons can and will make a major difference in how efficiently you paddle as well as how informed you are safety wise. A kayaking lesson is a great way to take you to the next level and there are lots of lessons that can be done in an inflatable kayak.
  4. Increase the number of days you spend on the water. If last year you spent three days a month kayaking, try increasing it to five this year. By setting this goal it will help push you to get out and experience new adventures, improve your kayaking skills and likely cause you to have a lot of fun!
  5. Try kayaking on a different type of water than you are used to. If you are used to only paddling your inflatable kayak on lakes then perhaps this year try paddling on a river… just make it a calm river to start off with. It can be absolutely exhilarating to take on new water and a fabulous experience. You never know you may just develop a new passion.

It is never too late to start setting goals and they can be just what are needed to get inspired and excited about a new kayaking season. Using an inflatable kayak allows for flexibility and versatility – take full advantage of it and let’s get these goals accomplished together!

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