Paddling with an Inflatable Kayak Newbie

Trevor in Sea Eagle FastTrackI was out kayaking the other day with my friend and drumming teacher Trevor. He had never paddled an inflatable kayak before and was interested in trying it out. In the past he had spent summers enjoying the lake here on a motor boat but has since given up using motorized vehicles on the water.

He thought an inflatable kayak might be a great way to enjoy the lake again and introduce paddling to his son. Like me he thought the convenience and portability of the inflatable kayak would suit his lifestyle perfectly.

I really like taking out an inflatable kayak “newbie”, especially if they really enjoy the outing. Trevor was great as he was really excited about all the great things an inflatable kayak can offer which in turn made me really excited and reminded me once again why I love paddling.

The Excitement of Getting Your First Kayak

I remember the excitement I felt when I finally got my first inflatable kayak. Having the realization that now I could hop on down to the water any time I like was really cool.

I was never much into motor boats because a) I didn’t think they were good for the environment and b) I tend to have the misfortune of getting sea sick. Therefore the kayak was the obvious choice for me. However dealing with the hassle of tying down a kayak to a roof rack and then trying to find somewhere to store it in my home was not my cup of tea.

Obviously I found my ideal watercraft with the inflatable kayak which allows me to easily bring it to the water and be able to handle it all on my own. I can tell you that when my first kayak arrived at my door I was more than excited and couldn’t get down to the water fast enough.

Paddling with a Newbie

Going through the whole set-up process and paddling with someone who has never had any experience with an inflatable kayak before reinforced for me how easy it is for any person to set-up and use an inflatable even if they have never had any experience paddling on the water before.

If you are new to kayaking in general and looking to purchase your first inflatable kayak I really believe that you will love the simplicity and the fun of it.

From my experience the number one concern of a person who has never paddled an inflatable kayak before is stability. We all want to know that we are not going to end up in the water. It makes sense, safety and comfort is important!

However I think that is one of the reasons inflatable kayaks are so fantastic for new kayakers as they are some of the most stable watercraft around. With the pontoon like sides on the majority of inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoes, they are near impossible to tip (unless you are in heavy whitewater rapids).

I think any person of any age will have no problem feeling safe in an inflatable especially when paddling on calm water. I am excited for all the first time paddlers to get out and enjoy the water this year!

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