Lightweight Tandem Inflatable Kayaks

Two-person inflatable kayaks are usually much longer than the solo models and consequently weigh a fair amount more.

However it is still possible to get a tandem inflatable kayak that is light enough to still be very portable and easily transport anywhere you want to go.

Below are some of the lightest tandem inflatable kayak models on the market.

Tandem Inflatable Kayaks – 35 lbs. or Less

Airhead Roatan – 25 lbs.
The Roatan is a cheap model that does not have the same good quality of the other inflatable kayaks listed here. The material is not as strong and consequently it does not weigh as much. However for just playing around in the water and family fun, the Roatan is a very affordable option and works well for traveling because it is so lightweight.

Sea Eagle 330 – 26 lbs.
The SE 330 is another very affordable option but also offers great quality. With the 330 you truly get a lot for your money and at only 26 lbs. it is very easy to bring anywhere. Although the 330 can accommodate two people, I personally prefer the slightly larger Sea Eagle 370 which offers more leg room and comfort.

Innova Sunny – 29 lbs.
The Innova Sunny is a flat water inflatable kayak that gives great performance and good speed. It is excellent quality and ideal for two people who want to kayak mostly on lakes or calm water.

NRS Bandit II – 31 lbs.
The Bandit II is a two person whitewater inflatable kayak that can handle up to class IV rapids. It is constructed with environmentally friendly PVC-free material and would suit a beginner to intermediate whitewater kayaker.

Sea Eagle 370 – 32 lbs.
The SE 370 is the slightly larger version of the Sea Eagle 330 sport inflatable kayak. Great for all kinds of water… the 370 is versatile, affordable and still light enough to bring anywhere.

Innova Helios II – 33 lbs.
The Helios II is very popular with those who love to travel. There are no seats or extra parts to pack, it is versatile enough to handle sea kayaking, lakes or slow rivers and is excellent quality.

Bic Yakkair 2 – 33 lbs.
The Yakkair 2 has a cool design but also a few quirks that I think still need to be worked out. Although it has many great features and is only 33 lbs., it would not be my first choice for a tandem inflatable kayak.

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 – 35 lbs.
The Lagoon 2 is a fun little kayak that is best suited for flat water. It does not give a perfect performance but paddles decently. The AE Lagoon 2 would suit beginner kayakers looking for an affordable and easy way to get out on the water.

Sea Eagle FastTrack – 35 lbs.
The FastTrack is the tandem inflatable kayak that I use most and will suit beginner to intermediate kayakers. It is still light enough to bring anywhere and offers excellent quality of construction as well as a great performance. The FastTrack is best suited for flat water kayaking but can handle some mild whitewater as well.

To see a full list of tandem inflatable kayaks see our Tandem Inflatable Kayak Comparison Chart.


  1. Patriciao says:

    Hi – whew, I am on a “Bucket List” search–researching lightweight tandem inflatable kayaks and found your website. As a first-time kayak purchaser, I would appreciate your assistance (a womyn’s website–hooray):
    –I am in my late 60’s/female/130 lbs/good physical health – looking for a ltik ($500-999) for both land-locked Denver CO, as well as travel to family on both coastlines.
    –what type of paddles w/be suitable for a solo/tandem k?
    –what type of pump would you recommend?
    –have you reviewed Zoik’s AlterEgo II yet?
    –would a used ltik be worth the purchase?

    Thanks so much for any guidance you can give me, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia,

      I will do my best to help…

      Below are the tandem IK’s that weigh either 35 lbs. or less which are all versatile enough to handle paddling in lakes, slow rivers or easy ocean shorelines that I would recommend for you:
      – Sea Eagle 370 – 32lbs. – this is your cheapest option and a decent kayak although you may outgrow it and want to upgrade later on
      – Advanced Elements Lagoon II – 35lbs. – also a good price and a decent tandem lightweight ik.
      – Innova Helios II – 33lbs. – one of my favourite choices for you – lightweight, versatile and a high quality ik for a decent price – excellent for traveling
      – Innova Sunny – 29lbs. – also excellent for travel but more suited for lakes than rivers or ocean although can handle them if the water is calm
      – Sea Eagle FastTrack – 35lbs. – another favorite of mine and will include everything including paddles for $949

      I have not had a chance to review the Zoik AlterEgo II yet but going on my experience with the solo it is a definite contender although it does weigh a little more at 37.5 lbs.

      The lightest one here is the Innova Sunny and this IK is a lot of fun to paddle. However the price is almost at the end of your budget and you would still have to purchase your paddles.

      As far as pumps go I am a big fan of the regular cheap foot pump. I find it the easiest to use. Personally I find the hand pumps a little hard on my back and the electric pumps are good but you will usually need to top up your kayak with a foot or hand pump anyway so it just becomes more to drag along.

      For paddles if you plan to travel I would highly recommend paddles that break apart into 4 pieces – these are far easier to pack. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your paddles unless you are a very experienced kayaker and really keen on picking up your game. For recreational kayaking the paddle sizes are usually 220cm, 230cm or 240cm. The size will depend on your height. I am 5’7” and I use a 230cm paddle. A good frame of reference is if you are under 5’6” go for a 220cm paddle or if you are between 5’6” and 5’9” go for a 230cm paddle. Sometimes it is just preference as well. Typically in ocean or lake kayaking you will want longer paddles and river kayaking uses shorter paddles.

      The material of the paddle will be directly related to the cost. Here is an article I wrote describing the different paddle materials… Kayak Paddle: Does Material Matter?

      Yes you could definitely look into a used IK. I wouldn’t hesitate with a used one if it is in decent shape and hasn’t been abused. You miss out on having a nice warranty that way but the cheaper price may be worth it.

      Phew this is long! Hope this helps. Good luck with your search!!

      Cheers, Allison

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