Kayaking Kalamalka Lake in my FastTrack

I had the very enjoyable experience yesterday of kayaking down Kalamalka Lake in my new Sea Eagle FastTrack.

Kalamalka Lake or Kal Lake for short is just over 21 km in length and is found about 4 km south of Vernon in the Central Okanagan in BC.

What makes Kal Lake special is the colors. This lake is just stunning and depending on the time of year the lake can range from deep blue, to turquoise to indigo to bright green. The extreme colors of the water is from light scattering, caused by the precipitation of calcite. It is truly a site to see and reminds me a little of the beauty of kayaking in certain areas of the Rockies like Lake Louise and Banff.

Kalamalka Lake

I was always told that the name of the lake meant “lake of many colors”. However I have just learned that in fact that is incorrect and it was actually named for the Okanagan Indian Chief who occupied its northern shores… a fascinating fact likely only to those who live in the area.

This was the perfect setting to take out my new Sea Eagle FastTrack which was designed to glide quickly through flatwater. I have to admit it was quite thrilling. With the beauty of the water and the fact that my new inflatable kayak was gliding so gracefully through the water with speeds that even surprised me… it was exhilarating.

Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack

I paddled among geese, ducks, loons and even a shy turtle who wouldn’t let me take his picture. I discovered small secluded beaches, an old abandoned cabin and even discovered a new park that I didn’t know existed. One thing I love about kayaking is there is so much to explore from the water that may not be possible to see or find from the shore.

As my arms began to grow tired after a couple hours of paddling I took a deep breathe and admired the nature all around me. Even though I look forward to moving from this area in the near future, there is no denying the natural beauty within the Southern Central part of B.C.

My next goal is to paddle from one end of Kal Lake right to the crowded beach at the very far end and back up the other side which I have never done. Easily doable if I have the right snacks and provisions with me… such as a seat cushion.

With the extra rigid drop-stitch floor in the 385 FastTrack that helps with tracking and speed I discovered my poor bum got really sore by the end of the outing. An extra soft cushion for my seat is going to be a necessity for longer paddles.

I very often dream about the different lakes, oceans and rivers that I would like to explore all over the world. Yesterday reminded me that sometimes it is nice to simply appreciate the beauty in your own backyard.

Check out the colors of the water below. It seemed like every few minutes the water changed color.  Absolutely beautiful!

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0810 045

Friendly visitor

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  1. steve wade says:

    Looks like a swimming pool, great colors, would be fantastic to paddle on. I will kayak in the States one day, meantime I will enjoy my country Australia. If you get a chance come and take a look at our blue lake at Mount Gambier it changes color, they say it’s bottomless and was a volcano once.
    best regards Steve

  2. M. Sullivan says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen any lakes with those kind of colors. Looks like you picked a calm beautiful day for a trip. It doesn’t seem to be overrun with power boats. I live in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and enjoy an early morning paddle before all the boating traffic gets going.

  3. Kenneth Sample says:

    Just purchased a Sea Eagle 385ft and can’t wait to get it into the water. During a fishing trip to North Dakota in early October–hopefullly the weather will hold up, my fishing buddy wants to check it out. He is driving to Alaska next year (with a pick up and truck camper)and does not want any significant additional weight. Will float the McKenzie River in Oregon next spring.

    Stumbled on your web site. Lots of interesting information for a novice Kayaker like me. Ken

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