Great Kayaking Activity Ideas

Those who paddle do it for a number of different reasons. Some do it for fun, for exercise, as a way to float around and enjoy the water, for fishing, and some even use it for transportation.

If you love to kayak but are getting bored with just paddling around your usual lake, river or ocean bay then combining your outing with a different activity can really freshen up the experience and add a whole new fun factor.

Kayaking Activities

Below are some excellent examples of activities you can combine with kayaking.

  • Photography is one of my favorites. I love to take pictures, although I most definitely do not have a photographer’s eye or talent. Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer taking pictures while out in your kayak will allow you to get some pretty unique shots. You will have access to hard to reach locations and angles, be able to get up close to wildlife and view some amazing sunsets and sunrises. Some of my favorite photography shots that I have seen have been taken from a kayak.
  • Fishing – This is one of the most common activities to combine with kayaking. Many anglers love to use a kayak for fishing. The fact that a kayak is self-powered means there is no motor making noise to scare the fish off. The shape of a kayak allows you to enter skinnier canals and hard to reach fishing spots. I know of some people who also bring their inflatable kayak aboard their motorboat so they can anchor their main boat then use their kayak to reach the prime fishing locations away from other boaters.
  • Surfing – Kayak surfing is unbelievably fun. All you need is some decent sized waves and an adventurous spirit. If you are fortunate enough to live close to the ocean or travel to surfing locations then you definitely need to try kayak surfing. Keep out of the way of the regular surfers and find some waves that you are comfortable with. The thrill of catching and riding a wave straight to shore is very addictive and you will no doubt feel just like a kid again.
  • Wildlife Viewing – One of my favorite things about paddling is viewing all the wildlife. Depending on your area you may be fortunate enough to see moose, deer, bears, caribou, whales and many other types of animals. The peacefulness of a kayak often allows you to pass by without disturbing or scaring the animals.
  • Bird Watching – If you are into birds then be sure to bring your binoculars and your camera. Birds are in abundance while kayaking as they swoop over top of you and chirp in the trees. I have a friend who is a bird photographer and he will wait in his kayak all day peacefully enjoying his surroundings until he gets one or two phenomenal bird shots. This is also a great way to learn about the different birds in your area.
  • Camping– If you are into camping, kayaking is a great way to travel to your destination. Bring your dog, bring the kids, load up the kayaks and off you go. A fantastic summer activity.
  • Racing – Have you ever tried to race your kayak with a friend? To be honest it is only fun if you have similar kayaks that you know perform equally as well. Otherwise it can be a very unfair race. Racing can be exhilarating, a great workout and a great way to enjoy some competitive spirit with a friend or family member. My brother and I have often raced each other in our kayaks. I never win – not because of my kayak but because he has way more stamina than I do!
  • Meditating – I have said it before and I still believe that kayaking can be an excellent form of meditation. The rhythm of the strokes and the way the mind tends to just tune out brings a peacefulness that personally I find hard to get elsewhere. You might be tired at the end of your paddling trip but you will also likely feel refreshed and clear headed.
  • Picnicking – Have you ever had a picnic in your kayak? It is a lovely experience especially if you are in a tandem kayak and get to share it with a friend. In my experience the most ideal kayak picnic is in a convertible inflatable kayak where you are able to move the seats. That way you can adjust one of the seats so that it is facing the other and then have the picnic in the middle. Just make sure one person is cognoscente of where you are floating.
  • Brainstorming – Sometimes to come up with great ideas or to organize the ideas you already have it is necessary to get away from the hussle and bussle of your daily life. Going out in your kayak could be just the thing you need to put together some brilliant ideas and organize your thoughts.
  • Swimming – If you have a kayak anchor you can anchor your kayak and swim in some pretty cool locations… a great way to cool off after paddling for awhile in the heat. Just make sure you practice how to get back into your kayak before you’re out in the middle of the water.
  • Exercising – Of course there is no question that paddling is great exercise and provides a pretty awesome core workout. One great thing about kayaking is that you can set goals and really see the improvement you are making.

For the Love of Paddling

No matter what type of activity you combine with kayaking you will no doubt be having a lot of fun. Those who kayak do so because it is such an enjoyable and easy way to spend time outdoors on the water.

Have fun, try some new activities and above all keep paddling.

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