Kayaking Aches and Pains – How to Avoid Them

Having always been an outdoorsy and sports minded person I am no stranger to aches and pains. If you are out kayaking for more than an hour it is very plausible that you may suffer from certain uncomfortable body aches.

Common Kayaking Problems

Sore Back

A sore back will be especially common if you are kayaking with a cheap kayak seat. Many kayak seats do not offer proper back support and consequently if you are prone to back aches you will certainly get uncomfortable after a short period of paddling time.

If this is a problem for you it can be corrected by investing in a good high back kayak seat that offers more support as well as possibly using a back band. Both of these items can be purchased at most kayak stores.

Sore Bum

Sitting for a long period of time without moving around much can make for a very uncomfortable bottom even if you have a comfortable seat. This can be alleviated in a couple of ways… you can purchase an extra bum cushion which tends to really help.

Also if you have a stable kayak you can often stand up and stretch, or at least get up on your knees and let the circulation flow back to your poor buttocks.

Overall Body Pains

After awhile you may find that your whole body starts to ache. This can be caused by bad kayaking posture and can really put a damper on your paddling trip.

Be sure to sit up straight in your kayak with your feet propped up against foot rests. By having your feet on the foot rests, this will stabilize your back. Also take the time to learn how to do the proper strokes as you may be putting undue pressure on your shoulders and back instead of mostly using your torso and stomach muscles.

Still Having Problems?

If after using all of the methods above you are still having problems with aches and pains I would highly suggest building up your back and stomach muscles. Many people don’t realize that kayaking actually uses mostly your core muscles.

If you spend a little time building up your stomach and back muscles you will likely notice a major improvement not only in how your body feels while kayaking but also in the amount of control you have over your kayak.

Strong core muscles are essential in many different sports including kayaking.

Besides that just relax, have fun and if you get tired or sore, stop paddling, sit back and enjoy the sun on your face and the wind at your back. Over time you will find that the aches and pains will disappear as you get stronger.

Find more information on kayaking comfort items and keep your body comfortable, happy, and pain free.

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