Packing an Inflatable Kayak First Aid & Safety Kit

Adventure Medical First Aid KitIf you have a standard first aid and safety kit that you have with you at all times while kayaking then you don’t ever have to worry. You know you are prepared for the worst and you can enjoy and have fun. Packing your own safety kit is easy… you just need a few essentials.

Below is a list of items to have in your first aid and safety kit:
  • Waterproof bandaids – for cuts, blisters and owies
  • Waterproof matches – for starting a fire if needed
  • Knife – for cutting rope, bandages, tape, etc.
  • Inflatable kayak repair kit – usually comes with your inflatable kayak
  • Bilge pump – to get excess water out of the kayak if needed
  • Compass and map – know how to use your compass and where you are on the map
  • Extra snacks and water – fuel for the body and staying hydrated keeps you strong and focused – as well as alive
  • Waterproof poncho – good for keeping dry in rain or to build a small shelter if needed
  • Rope – used to tie up your kayak or to build a shelter
  • Sunscreen and sun protection – avoid suffering from unnecessary sunburns or sunstroke
  • Extra clothing – keeping warm may be essential
  • Disinfectant – for cuts or scrapes
  • Water purifying tablets – available at most outdoor stores and very easy to use
  • Whistle – don’t ever go out on the water without it
  • Signaling flares – for longer trips far away from shore
  • Small hand lens – to help start fires
  • Needle and thread – should be part of any survival kit
  • Chapstick – the elements can be very harsh on our lips
  • Cellphone – it may not always work where you are, but its smart to have it with you anyway

Once you have all of these items, put them in a waterproof and durable case that is easy to carry or attach to your waist. Store it in your drybag and know that you are prepared for anything. If you would like to purchase a pre-made paddler first aid kit the Adventure Medical Ultra Light Paddler First Aid is a great buy and offers the essentials – all in a waterproof dry bag.

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