Innova Vagabond Inflatable Canoe Review

Innova Vagabond

Best Uses: Recreation, flat water rivers, whitewater up to class III, fishing, families, traveling, multi-day expeditions, river trekking

Brand: Innova

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 12’ 5”, Width 38”, Weight 38 lbs, Load Capacity 528 lbs

Accessories Included: Drybag backpack, repair kit, 2 year warranty

Kayak Material: 1200 Denier Nitrylon

Pros: Rugged, light-weight, easy entry and exit, stable, versatile, optional spraydeck

Cons: No real back support, not self-bailing (but there is an optional spraydeck)

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More Detailed Info

The Innova Vagabond is an impressively rugged inflatable canoe that can be paddled easily with single-bladed canoe paddles or with double-bladed kayak paddles. It is made for two people but can easily be converted for solo adventures as well.

The Vagabond was designed with trekking and multi-day excursions in mind. It has a little extra width which offers better stability in whitewater as well as a low profile which will help to stay steady in windy weather.

I would think the Innova Vagabond would really appeal to those who want to explore long rivers and possibly do a little camping along the way. It is very well made and the fact that it can handle up to class III rapids gives it a lot of versatility in the water.

There is an optional spray deck that can be purchased which gives excellent protection from the elements in rougher conditions.

Innova Vagabond inflatable canoe

Although it can be paddled in lakes as well I wouldn’t recommend it for longer flat water excursions as there is no real back support. It is truly best suited for rivers.

Final Thoughts

The Innova Vagabond canoe is an excellent river trekking canoe. It is light enough to take traveling anywhere you want to go and rugged enough to explore windy rivers with up to class III rapids.

It can hold a ton of gear and be paddles easily by two people or converted for solo use. It is another great European design by Innova.

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  1. Hi Allison. What do you think of this boat for flat water lake ‘travel?’…..well, fishing mainly. Does it track well paddles by one person? Can we attach a comfy swivel-type boat seat to one of the benches? Is it stable enough to stand in if I put some plywood on the floor? Thanks.

    • The Vagabond is a great canoe for flat water travel and fishing. It is very well made and functional. The tracking is decent though I wouldn’t say perfect. I’m actually not sure about attaching a swivel seat, I can’t think how it would be done. I’d suggest contacting Innova directly and getting their opinion on that. It is a very stable boat but not the best for standing. Innova still uses the ‘standard’ inflatable floor that we see in most inflatable kayaks and canoes instead of the newer high-pressure rigid floors that certain inflatables now offer (such as the Sea Eagle kayaks). The high-pressure floors are far easier for standing and they also help with tracking. I think it would be possible to stand with some plywood but maybe not ideal.

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