Innova Twist Review

Innova Twist

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, calm rivers

Brand: Innova

Number of Paddlers: 1

Stats: Length 8’ 7”, Width 30”, Weight 16 lbs, Load Capacity 220 lbs

Accessories Included: Nylon bag, repair kit, removable fin, fold down backrest

Kayak Material: Polyester fabric/Natural rubber laminate – PVC free

Pros: Extremely light weight, highly portable, stable, easy to lift, comfortable, compact, easy entry and exit

Cons: Basic, not very fast

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More Detailed Info

This is a small and extremely lightweight inflatable kayak. The Innova Twist weighs a mere sixteen pounds and can literally be carried on your back and taken absolutely anywhere.

It is a great little kayak but not a high performer. This inflatable kayak is great for anyone who is looking for a smaller watercraft that can be transported very easily to anywhere in the world and paddled on flatwater.

The Twist has a fold-down backrest that can be adjusted via inflation. It also has a removable fin that I would highly recommend using to improve the tracking in flat water.

There is bungee rigging on the stern deck that can be used to hold down gear and carry handles to help bring the kayak to the water.

It can actually be inflated within five minutes and is extremely well constructed. This is a great little kayak for playing around in the water, to take camping or to bring on board a larger boat.

For under $500 you shouldn’t be expecting high performance from this little boat but you can expect Innova’s great quality and a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

The Innova Twist provides an inexpensive way to get out on the water. This is a great little kayak that is about as lightweight as they come.

It is a great option for a new kayaker looking for a convenient and fun playboat.

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  1. Love your site!!!
    Innova sunny or Helios… which one has the most supportive seats?
    Thanks in advance, Ale

    • Thanks Alex! The Sunny has higher-back seats providing a more all-around back support. With the Helios there aren’t actually separate seats, you sit up against the frame of the kayak… However it is still super comfortable. So the Sunny provides a fuller back support but the Helios seat is still comfortable and rigid.

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