Innova Sunny Review

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, fishing, rivers (class I), ocean, camping, traveling

Brand: Innova

Number of Paddlers: 2 (can be converted for 1)

Stats: Length 12’ 8”, Width 31”, Weight 33 lbs, Load Capacity 396 lbs

Accessories Included: Removable tracking fin, dry bag backpack, owner’s manual

Kayak Material: 1200-denier Nitrylon and Lite-Pack

Pros: Stable, rugged, easy to lift, light weight, comfortable, great maneuverability, compact, easy entry and exit, very fast

Cons: Definitely needs tracking fin for easier paddling

Available At:

More In-Depth Info

I very much like this inflatable kayak. The Innova Sunny has a long history of being a very popular model and is well known as being one of the faster inflatable kayaks out there.

It is very solid and is slightly longer than the Innova Helios. The seats can be adjusted so it can be paddled as a single or a double and has plenty of space for a dog or a child.

As the name implies it has an open concept and lots of room.

The Sunny comes with a large removable tracking fin and many people have commented that it tracks much better with it on.

I would definitely recommend using it in flat water to keep the kayak going straight and to make your paddling efforts more efficient.

This kayak is truly best suited for flat water paddling such as lakes and calm ocean shorelines. If you want to take it down a river I would recommend only padding it in class I rapids, it is not suited for anything higher than that.

For an inflatable kayak that is over twelve feet long it is extremely light weight and can easily be taken just about anywhere including on an airplane.

As with most of the Innova kayaks, it rolls up into a super small package and is very easy to transport and store away.

Quality, Simplicity and Convenience

The quality of this kayak is unmatched and Innova has a great reputation. The simplicity of it is fantastic and I love that there is absolutely no setup besides inflating it.

The seats can even be left in the kayak while it is being inflated and the metal skeg can stay attached.

This model is ideal for exploring lakes and smaller channels that a larger boat simply will not go. It is excellent for fishing and as mentioned before perfect for traveling.

If you have done much research on your quest for an inflatable kayak you will not find many others that will give you this kind of quality for the price.

If you are looking for a flat water kayak that is comfortable, stable, can be paddled as a tandem kayak or as a solo and is easily portable for traveling, this is one of your best options.

Even with two people in it there is still enough room for a large drybag in the bow as well as a large backpack in the stern. If you do happen to be paddling in choppier water you will want to have a bilge pump with you as the Sunny has an open cockpit and you will get wet.

One thing that a few people have mentioned in their reviews is that when you attach the skeg try and balance the wing nuts on the skeg.

For example put two screws in one side and two in the exact same spot on the other side. By doing this and lining it up straight along the hull you will find the Sunny tracks beautifully.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line… The Sunny is an excellent inflatable kayak. It is fast and sleek but not overly versatile. It was designed for flat water paddling only and is ideal for the recreational paddler.

It would work well for fishing, camping, traveling, families and dogs as well as anyone looking for a fast, stable and convenient kayak that weighs less than 30 pounds. I believe the Sunny is a great buy.

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Click here for the Innova Sunny inflatable kayak at

Click here for the Innova Sunny inflatable kayak at

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  1. Hello. I was wondering, in your opinion, which fabric do you think would be more fish hook resistant between that of the innova sunny or sea eagle fasttrack? thanks again, joel

    • Hey Joel, they are both really tough. I don’t think you’d have any issues with either of them but if I had to choose one I’d say the FastTrack only because I know how hard they test their material and their kayaks are very popular for fishing.

    • Joel, I’m sure either would be fine. I own a Innova safari and Solar (shorter version of the Sunny). I’ve had the Solar since around 2002 or so. I fish and freedive spearfish from them. It’s tough material. Regardless of the material, I am careful and haven’t had any issues with my boats. I was more concerned with fish spines poking holes into the boat than fish hooks. I keep my fish in a bucket or iced katchkooler. If I have them on a stringer, I may loose them to a sea lion.

      • O.K. thanks guys. I hope to own an Innova some day…..maybe a Sunny or a Helios, as they’re absolutely beautiful and seem to be more like real kayaks with their hull design, but I ordered the Fasttrack based on it’s versatility and rave reviews. In fact I received it today and it looks really cool. I ordered a seat from another U.S. company that has a couple of fishing rod holders attached to the back of it so I’m all set for years of kayak fishing and family fun! Now if this #*%!” snow would melt already.


  2. Hi, I own a Costco version Sevylor Pointer K1 for few years only paddle twice ,after the 1 st. time use, I put the kayak on my garage, last month when I open it, it had mold around. This make try to looking for a kayak for 2 person easy dry up. The Sunny seems fit what I need, light weight tubeless but it is not stitch floor (one review said it will taco),and there’s not a lot reviews about Innova Kayaks for some reason (good or bad).And the 2014 Fast Track is my 2nd choice (the warranty and 6 month return policy if it really work).
    Can you give me advise on these 2 kayaks? Mainly I use in Lake Washington,WA and bay ,ocean shore.

  3. I need to slect one from Sunny or Fastrack.
    Sunny is tubeless but some review said it will taco or banana.and there’s not a lot reviews about Sunny.
    I don’t know Fasttrack with bladder or not but with stitch floor, one thing I don’t like is they force you buy something you might already have like pump, paddle.
    Can you give me advice on these 2 kayak performance?

    • The Innova Sunny is a great kayak. It’s well made and paddles nicely. I don’t think it would buckle at all unless there is really a lot of weight in it. I definitely have more experience with the FastTrack. The floor of the FastTrack is extremely rigid and it performs well. It is one of my favourite kayaks to use. The Sunny might be a little easier to dry out but I never have any issues with the FastTrack if I just wipe it down after with a towel (and wipe under the floor). Both kayaks are much better than the Sevylor Pointer K1… I don’t think you could go wrong either way.

  4. Thank you for a WONDERFUL website with fantastic reviews. But what takes it over the top for you over other sites is your replies to others queries. Often, reading through your replies is more helpful than other online reviews.

    Our family does have experience with the larger FastTrack. Hope you don’t mind four questions on the Innova Sunny because it packs even smaller than the FastTrack and may set up faster.

    1. Is the stability near the FastTrack? It seems to have slightly smaller tubes.

    2. You wrote ‘Very Fast’. How is Sunny’s speed compared to the FastTrack? We are wondering how much we are giving up.

    3. Sometimes we like to do an hour jaunt and want the fastest setup and take down possible.

    Did you notice that Sunny is faster to set up and clean than FastTrack? Setting up the FastTrack requires some fiddling around with the floor to set it correctly into the kayak. Not too difficult but it is there.

    The separate floor of the FastTrack also means that dirt/sand gets trapped between the floor and bottom so upon returning home, we have to take the floor out and reclean the boat. It looks like the Sunny can simply be sprayed down and be done.

    4. Is the FastTrack much more rigid than the Sunny’s 3psi? Sunny does not have a high pressure stitched floor so we assume it is more ‘squiggly’ for lack of a better word….:)

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Cathy, Thank-you!! So glad you have found the site helpful and I love hearing feedback!

      I think the Sunny is a great kayak and often gets overlooked. It packs down super small and paddles well.

      It doesn’t have the same stability as the FastTrack but I definitely wouldn’t call it unstable. The FT has an extra 5″ added to the width and slightly larger sides so it tends to be ultra stable. The FT also has the high pressure rigid floor that really adds to the stability and performance. The Sunny is a bit sleeker, very comfortable and tracks well.

      I think speed wise they are quite comparable, although I find the FT slightly faster. It’s not a huge difference however.

      The fastest setup and take-down for just about any IK I’ve tried is the Sea Eagle RazorLite… it’s also the fastest to paddle. However between the FT and the Sunny I’d say the Sunny is slightly faster. You do have to dry under the floor of the FT… however that floor really helps with stability and rigidity and ultimately performance. The Sunny is very easy, just have to make sure to really dry between the folds in the floor properly if storing the kayak away for awhile.

      I don’t take the FT floor out each time to clean. I just lift each end up and towel dry underneath. It’s a fairly quick process.

      Yes I do find the FT to be more rigid. When inflated it is very durable and strong. I do find the Sunny to be more ‘squiggly’ The high pressure floor really makes a big difference with the FT.

      It’s a tough choice, they are both great kayaks, just depends which one will suit your needs better. I love the FT and I paddle it often, but the Sunny has a great rep and I rarely hear of issues with the Innova kayaks.

      I do really like that the Sunny folds up into quite a small pacakage – smaller than the FT and it is highly portable.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Thank you for your extended reply. Much appreciated.

        Since they are close in speed (though you may have said FT is slightly faster than Sunny and then Sunny is slightly faster than FT…:), the Sunny is compelling for its smaller packdown and no floor to remove. But the FT’s rigidity is a significant advantage. So both have their pros and cons.

        I note that the Twist seem to be similar in design to the Sunny but in different material and about 9 inches shorter.

        Thanks again.

        • Lol I guess they are quite similar in speed, I’ve probably just gotten used to paddling the FT. They do both have their pros and cons. I find for traveling and portability the Innova kayaks really excel. For stability and durability Sea Eagle is great. The Twist is a lot of fun but definitely does not paddle as well as the other two. Plus it is so lightweight it is a little susceptible to being blown by the wind. There is a tandem model of the Twist but as far as I know the Sunny is still supposed to perform better.

  5. Pawel Balas says:

    Hi, I’m torn between Sea Eagle 385 FT and Innova Sunny-with the price being the biggest factor (Innova is cheaper in Canada). Can you please comment if Innova is as stiff as SeaEagle? I’m concerned about sagging, thanks a lot, Pawel

    • The Sunny is a great kayak. I prefer the 385 FT personally but I think the material is equally as strong between the two of them. I do find that the floor of the FT is much more rigid than the floor of the Sunny, which I think gives it a slight performance edge. The FT floor can hold more air pressure than the Sunny floor. However the Sunny still paddles well and packs up really small. I haven’t really noticed sagging with the Sunny but the FT is able to hold over a couple hundred pounds more in weight.

  6. First of all I wish to thank you for the great work with this website and for your usefull reviews. I’m searching for an inflatable kayak to be paddled by one or two people. I search a polyvalent boat to be used in sea, lakes and slow rivers from one to more-day trips. My choice fell on two inflatable kayak: the Gumotex Seawaves and the Seaeagle Fastrack. Unfortunately, where I live (Europe-Italy) there are no sellers of any of these brands so I have to ask worldwide for a review.
    The fastrack seems to be more stable (more flat and large) than Seawave. Can this make it less suitable for marine navigation? Or its marine performance are comparable to that of the seawave?
    On the contrary, is the Seawave stable enough to carry sometimes a seven years old children and/or a little dog?
    The greater width of the fastrack may hinder the movement of the paddler(s)?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Serena, We don’t have the Gumotex Seawave here in North America but I believe it is very similar to the Innova Sunny. The Sunny paddles well, gets decent speed and tracking. I personally really like the FastTrack. It has a more rigid floor which I feel really helps improve the performance. Although it is wider, it still handles well and gets decent speed especially with two people paddling. I don’t find the width to hinder the movement of the paddler. Even though the Seawave won’t be quite as stable I don’t think you’ll have any trouble bringing along a child and a dog. Both Gumotex and Sea Eagle are known to be good brands and well made. You really can’t go wrong either way 🙂

  7. Hi. I’m deciding between Innova Sunny and the Helios 2. I’m not hearing enough about how these tandem boats perform when you use them solo. I way prefer the idea of being able to reverse one seat and sit in the middle of the boat (Sunny). With the Helios, when going solo I would be way in the back of the boat. I’m guessing the front of the boat may not stay in the water and make tracking difficult. I want stability on ocean coast line and bays. So, I think Sunny is better for my needs, but I found a good price on a used Helios 2. Can you help me decide?

    • Hi Vicky, With the Helios 2 if you paddle it solo it helps if you add some weight in the front seat to balance out the weight distribution so that it still tracks well. You don’t have to add too much but even just a little really helps. The Helios is awesome for ocean paddling and is one of the only inflatable kayaks that offers the option of a foot rudder. The Sunny is actually the faster kayak and of course a little more versatile with the seat positions. It is definitely a little nicer to sit in the middle if paddling solo. The Sunny is more ideal for flat water paddling as opposed to taking on ocean chop. Although I think you will have no problem with it paddling along ocean coast line and bays. Both are great kayaks so you can’t go too wrong. If you found a good price on the Helios 2 I’d be tempted to go for it and just add a dry bag or two full of gear up front to balance out the load.

  8. Debbie Morris says:

    Which is more comfortable kayak? Sunny, Helios, or Razorlite? Which is best for solo kayaking in a variety of conditions for fun, but mainly ocean bays? Which is most comfortable and easy to kayak as a single, but with a tandem option?

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