Best Inflatable Kayaks for Kids

When your kids are young you will most likely want them to be in the same kayak as the adults.

However as they get a bit older they may want to venture out in their own inflatable kayak.

There are many models that are ideal for kids of all kayaking skill levels to set up and paddle on their own.

Below are 4 great inflatable kayaks that are suitable for children and will last them for several years to come as they grow taller and older. Each of the models listed are stable, safe, smaller in size, affordable, as well as fairly light weight. They are great for kids but also suitable for adults as well.

Inflatable Kayaks for Kids

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1. Advanced Elements Firefly

The Firefly is a very small inflatable kayak that is best suited for flat water paddling. It would be ideal for kayaking on a lake or along the ocean shoreline. It is very light weight and can be easily manoeuvred by any person of any age, however the fact that it is so light means that it could also get pulled by the wind. Therefore this kayak is truly designed for nice calm weather days.

The Firefly is very popular with kids as well as with adults who want a lightweight inflatable to bring along traveling. The Firefly comes with a 1 year warranty.

2. Sea Eagle 330

The SE 330 is a tandem inflatable kayak meaning it can be paddled by two people. However the seats can be adjusted for solo paddling as well. The 330 is also light weight but a little more rugged than the Firefly mentioned above. It is quite versatile and can handle many different types of water.

The 330 is a really good quality inflatable kayak that gives you a lot for a very good price. Therefore it is popular for kids as well as adults alike. The 330 comes with a 3 year warranty.

3. NRS Rascal

The Rascal is a great whitewater inflatable kayak for kids. It is quite small and best suited for children or small adults. It is self-bailing and weighs only 17 lbs. so is easily transported to and from the water. This is a very affordable whitewater inflatable kayak.

NRS is known for manufacturing great whitewater inflatable kayaks and the Rascal is a great model for a good price. The Rascal comes with a 3 year warranty.

4. Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 & 2

The AE Lagoon 1 is a solo kayak and the Lagoon 2 is for two people. The solo model is quite small and ideal for flat water paddling. The tandem version is great for two kids or one child and one adult to paddle together.

The shape of the Lagoon gives it decent tracking and it is very easy to transport. Both of these models come with a 1 year warranty.

Kayaking Kids

Although any inflatable kayak could technically be paddled by a child, the four listed above are going to be the easiest… especially for smaller children. You will likely best know the needs of your child and which model will be most suitable. Take into consideration the kayak specs including the weight, length, load capacity and design.

In general inflatable kayaks are extremely stable and safe and very unlikely to tip or sink. Therefore they are ideal for children and a great opportunity to learn a new skill and have some great times paddling out on the water.

If you would prefer an inflatable that the whole family can paddle together please see our post Best Inflatable Kayaks for Families.


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