Looking for an Inflatable Kayak with a Motor?

Kayaking is typically a self-powered sport but there are lots of advantages to owning an inflatable kayak with a motor.

Sea Eagle Paddleski


  • Able to get to remote destinations quicker and easier.
  • Good for anglers searching for the right spot to fish.
  • Good for those who may get tired of paddling and need a break but still need to keep moving.
  • Quick way to transport gear and people from a larger boat to shore.
  • Handy if there is a problem and you need to get back fast.

Inflatable kayaks with motors are most often used for fishing. There are a couple of inflatable kayaks out there with the ability to attach a motor. We have listed them below.

Inflatable Kayaks with a Motor

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Sevylor Coral Sea – The Coral Sea is a solo inflatable kayak that comes at a very affordable price. This kayak does not give a great performance, meaning that it is sluggish and it does not track well. However it does have the option for attaching a motor and can work decently for fishing.

The Sevylor Coral Sea is available at Amazon.com.

Sea Eagle Paddleski – The Paddleski is a far better option. It is a tandem inflatable kayak that is extremely rugged and very well made. It offers much more room, is easy to paddle and has the option to attach a small motor. The Paddleski costs a little more than the Sea Coral but there is no comparison in quality and performance. The Paddleski could blow the Sea Coral right out of the water.

The SE Paddleski is available at SeaEagle.com.

Other Options for Inflatable Boats with Motors

There are two other options that are similar to a kayak and have the ability to attach a motor. Please click on the boat name in order to read our full review.

Sea Eagle Foldcat – The Foldcat is roughly shaped like a kayak but with two inflatable pontoons. It comes in two different sizes and has quite a good option for motors. This inflatable boat is very solid and can hold one heck of a lot of gear. The smaller Foldcat is good for two people and the larger version can fit up to four people comfortably.

The SE Foldcat is available at SeaEagle.com.

Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat – The Frameless Pontoon Boat is another interesting idea as it provides the advantages of a pontoon boat without having to worry about lugging around the metal frame. It completely deflates and collapses into a nice neat package. It also has the option for a motor and makes an ideal solo fishing boat.

The SE Frameless Pontoon Boat is available at SeaEagle.com.

Inflatable kayaks are easily transported as well as stored away in small spaces.Whether for touring, fishing or simply for convenience, an inflatable kayak with a motor can be a fun boat to own.


  1. tom conran says:

    I’am looking for an inflatable kayak that I can row,paddle sale and attach a 2hp motor. I want to use it in Mexico and launch from the beach in the ocean.

    • Hi Tom, The one kayak that would suit your needs is the Sea Eagle Paddleski. It often gets overlooked but it is a really great kayak that offers a lot of versatility. It’s a little different in style and you sit up a little higher. However it paddles well, has the option of attaching a rowing frame, has the option of a motormount to attach a motor and also has the option of attaching a kayak sail. It’s not as fast as Sea Eagle’s FastTrack or Explorer kayaks but everyone I know who has it, loves it. It can be paddled solo or tandem. Hope that helps! Good luck.

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