Aire Lynx II Review

Best Uses: Day trips, overnighters, whitewater, all-day river adventures

Brand: Aire

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 12’ 6”, Width 39”, Weight 39 lbs, Load Capacity 475 lbs

Accessories Included: 10 year warranty, repair kit, owners manual, thigh straps, 3 sets of drain holes, 2 carry handles. cargo hold

Kayak Material: 1300 Denier, 22oz PVC coated polyester

Pros: Stable, rugged, easy to lift, comfortable, great maneuverability, compact, easy entry and exit, 10 year warranty

Cons: A little more expensive than some other tandem whitewater inflatable kayaks

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More In-Depth Info

The Aire Lynx II is the tandem version of the Aire Lynx. It is one of the more expensive 2 person inflatable kayaks on the market, but it is a top of the line model and completely worth it.

The Lynx II is a couple of feet longer than the solo Lynx and just slightly wider. It weighs an extra seven pounds and can hold an extra 125 pounds.

This is the perfect whitewater kayak for two or for one person who wants a little extra room for gear or comfort.

Even with the higher price, it is still one of the best selling inflatable river kayaks and is extremely versatile and stable.

The great thing about the tandem model is that it can punch through waves and holes that the solo version cannot.

However because of its length it will perform best in class III rapids or less as it can get difficult to turn and maneuver in anything higher… but not impossible if you have the skill.

Although this is a tandem kayak, the seats are adjustable. If you want to paddle solo, you can remove one of the seats and place the other one in the center.

The Aire Lynx II is about as rugged as they come and the performance is bar none. Please read the full Aire Lynx I Review for much more detail on how this kayak performs.

Final Thoughts

The Aire Lynx II is a high quality tandem whitewater inflatable kayak that with a little care will last a lifetime.

The 10-year warranty and the fact that the Lynx II is quite versatile makes it a fantastic choice.

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