Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Review

Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack kayak

Best Uses: Lakes, ocean bays, mild whitewater (up to class II)

Brand: Sea Eagle

Number of Paddlers: 1 or 2

Stats: Length 12’ 5”, Width 36”, Weight 31 lbs., Load Capacity 635 lbs

Accessories Included:Large removable skeg, 2 high capacity self-bailing drain valves, front & rear spray skirts, 6 D-rings, bow and stern grab lines, nylon carry bag, repair kit, choice of seats, 2 paddles, air foot pump

Kayak Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced with wide overlap seams (hull material is completely resistant to sun and saltwater)

Pros: Faster than the other Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks, can hold a lot of weight, enough room to fit two people comfortably or to be paddled solo, lightweight, 2 closeable self-bailing valves, versatile, decent amount of storage space (below spray skirts as well as rope lacing for storage above), very rigid drop stitch floor, really good tracking (as long as you use tracking fin), glides through water, quick set-up time

Cons: Need to use the skeg for the good tracking

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More In-Depth Info

The Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack is Sea Eagle’s faster, sleeker yet still quite stable inflatable kayak.

I was really happy when Sea Eagle came out with this kayak as I felt it was a great combination between good performance and stability.

It has a really nice design that makes it ideal for gliding nicely on lakes, pushing through wind, taking on waves and really just being very flexible.

The unique thing about the 385FT is that it has a patented, state of the art, external, rigid inflatable NeedleKnife™ Keel.  This hard keel allows for a faster and smoother ride and from my experience it definitely works well.

The size of the Sea Eagle FastTrack is very comparable to the Sea Eagle 380X. It is identical in length, about an inch smaller in width, and can hold a similar amount of cargo.

The big plus however is that it weighs seven pounds less which makes it much easier for transporting and carrying to the water and of course it is faster.

Why is the FastTrack Faster?

You can tell by looking at the pictures that the FastTrack is shaped a little differently than the Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks.

This new shape allows it to not only glide through the water with little yaw movement but also to move quite fast. Sea Eagle states that the FastTrack is able to pick up better speeds for three reasons:

  • There is a drop stitch outside keel at the bow which provides buoyancy and helps to stop the natural yaw of an inflatable kayak.
  • There is a removable rear skeg that helps to keep the kayak heading straight.
  • It comes with a separate very rigid drop stitch floor which increases the overall rigidity of the kayak and creates side chines under the pontoons which enhances the overall paddling performance. In fact the floor is so rigid that this kayak could even be paddled as a stand-up paddle board.

My Experiences With The FastTrack

I already own the Sea Eagle 380X and have been very happy with it. However it seemed to me that the FastTrack had most of the positives of the 380X with the added bonuses of being lighter and faster.

That was really appealing and I decided that it would fit my lifestyle perfectly. I now own the FastTrack as well and below you will find my observations.

Smaller Pontoons

The FastTrack has the same interior width as the 380X but the pontoons are about an inch slimmer.

This small difference makes for a much sleeker looking model. I noticed two things with the smaller pontoons:

  1. My paddles rarely rubbed against the sides while paddling (as they sometimes do with my other kayak).
  2. It felt like I was sitting up higher in the kayak

Both of these things were really positive and made for good center of gravitiy as well as a really enjoyable experience.

Very Rigid Floor

The inflatable floor in the FastTrack has a seperate air chamber for inflating and can be inflated to a very high air pressure which makes it super solid.

The floor is actually so rigid that you can stand up in the kayak with no problems and paddle as a stand-up paddle board if you wish… very cool. It is not as easy to paddle that way but it is nice to be able to do it if you choose.

Tip: The rigid floor greatly helps with the performance of this kayak. When you are inflating the floor make sure to get it as solid as you can as this will help with the strength of the fin for the best tracking.

Initially with this kayak my bum would get sore after paddling for a couple hours.  However Sea Eagle now offers upgraded high back seats that have more cushioning and I find these really help with my comfort level.

If you have any issues with this (a sore bum is often an issue after several hours of kayaking no matter what kind of kayak you are in) try adding a gel pad or even just a towel under your bum on top of your seat.  That alone can make a huge difference.

Tracking Fin

In whitewater you would not use the fin but when kayaking in open water such as on lakes or the ocean the FastTrack needs to have the fin attached in order to get the good tracking.

With the fin attached this inflatable kayak tracks really well and glides beautifully through the water.

One thing to remember… When you deflate your kayak take the fin off.  Do not leave it attached as this can cause it to get knocked loose or bent.

Performance… Wow!

I am hugely impressed with the performance of the 385 FastTrack. The more inflatable kayaks I paddle and review, the more I am impressed with the FastTrack.

For an inflatable kayak it can definitely get some good speed. I find that I can paddle farther with less effort which is exactly what you want. The FastTrack is also excellent at tackling heavy winds.

Package Options

There are several package options to choose from with the FastTrack.

  • Solo Package – Costs a little less, has all the same dimensions as the tandem version but only comes with one seat and one paddle.
  • Tandem Package – With the tandem 385 FT you are able to adjust the seats to paddle solo if you desire but comes with two seats and two paddles. The tandem model has two choices… the deluxe package or the pro package (which is what I have). The difference is that the pro package comes with high-back seats and better paddles as well as two stern bags and a waterproof bag.
  • Fishing Package – For those who love to fish there is now a fishing package with an elevated swivel chair that is ideal for anglers.
  • Pro Carbon Package – This package comes with the high back seats as well as two high-end carbon-fiber paddles.
  • QuikSail Package – Comes with a 14 sq. foot self standing sail that allows you to turn your kayak into a sailing vessel in less than one minute.


Below is my video of the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack. In this video I am shown paddling the FastTrack solo but of course it can be paddled tandem as well.

More Pictures

Final Thoughts

Price wise the FastTrack costs about $100 more than the 380X which really isn’t too bad all things considered. It is best suited for flat water but can handle up to class II rapids (there are two closeable self-bailing drain valves).

The size is very convenient and is ideal for tandem paddling as well as solo paddling (seats can be moved and adjusted), for dogs or for traveling. You get a lot for your money with this inflatable kayak and I can really understand why it has become popular so fast.

After all is said and done I will likely still use my 380X for rivers as it is more suitable for the rapids but I will definitely use the 385 FastTrack for all open water such as lakes and ocean bays. The speed and tracking far outshines that of the 380X.

The FastTrack now also comes in a longer version which is ideal for families or for those paddling with a lot of gear. Please see the 465 FastTrack Review for more information.

As of 2015 Sea Eagle also has a new sleek kayak called the Razorlite.  The Razorlite is faster yet less stable than the FastTrack. Click here to view our detailed comparison of these two kayaks.

Where To Buy

The Sea Eagle kayaks are one of the few that you are able to purchase directly from the manufacturer. This is beneficial for three reasons:

  1. Their prices tend to be excellent and they often have great sales.
  2. You can benefit from their 3-year warranty on all of their products.
  3. You can take advantage of their 180-day risk free trial, which means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 180 day period (as long as the kayak is in good condition).

Click Here For The Best Deal On The 385 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak From The Official Sea Eagle Website.

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  1. I’m wondering how long does it take for the 385ft take to dry? Can you just wipe it down with a towel and pack it up? I bought an inflatable that has a “material” cover and you have to reinflate it once your home and let it dry (which took awhile) before putting it up. I’m taking it back because it’s just too much work. I want one that I can dry it off and then put it away, no drying time. Would this fit the bill? Thanks for your help.

    • Yes absolutely! I normally just bring a couple old towels along with me and then towel dry the kayak when I’m finished and pack it up. I find the PVC material easy to dry off with a towel, just be sure to get underneath the floor as well. If it’s the end of the season I might do a little better job and either spend extra time towel drying it or leave it outside to dry longer but in general a towel dry is all you need.

    • Hi again! Thanks for your help. I have another question about the paddles in the SE385FT packages. In the pro package the paddles break into 4 pieces, do you think they are strong and won’t break easily or would I be better off buying the pro carbon package with the 2 piece paddles?

      • The 2-piece paddles in the Pro Carbon package are the better paddles and are a little lighter which is nice… but I’ve used the 4-piece paddles from the Pro package for several years with no problems. They have always seemed strong to me, I don’t think you’d have any issues with them breaking.

  2. Hi Allison,
    I went ahead and ordered the carbon pro package. I decided if I were to travel and needed 4-piece paddles then I’d get them at that time. I also bought the Cruiser pfd per your recommendation. I have a 9ft. SOT but am getting older and find it’s getting hard to put on my Envoys roof even with my hullyroller so am looking forward to having an inflatable (which will be here Tuesday, woohoo!). Your website is so full of information and I learned a lot. Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Vi, that’s fantastic, I really hope you enjoy the kayak. I still use that PFD, it’s like brand new after several years of use, the quality is great. Happy Paddling!!

  3. Gene Walk says:

    Allison, first of all, thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. secondly, you have sold me on an inflatable kayak. Having owned several hard hulls, and now with 70 years on my body, I think it’s about time for me to convert. All your reviews and comments have shown me that I don’t need roof racks, trailer, or kayak cart to enjoy safe and interesting kayaking. Definitely going for the Fishing FT. Thanks again, hope to post some pictures. Gene.

  4. Been studying and studying; so glad I found your site! I’ve been a hardshell kayaker who will be needing an inflatable (new location not on the water’s edge, small car etc). Will be buying it for me to use on gentle river and ocean coves recreationally, but also want to encourage kids and friends (non kayakers) to join me in this new locale. The 370 sounds like it might be fine for the casual solo use I might get in at the new place, but feel the sturdy floor, easier tracking of the 385ft would make my newbies feel safer and confident (thus creating kayak enthusiasts). Aside from their “confidence” boost in the 385ft due to the rigid floor, hoping I will appreciate ($700 worth of appreciation) the upscaled 385ft…right?

    • Well in my opinion there is a huge difference between the 370 and the 385FT. The 370 is a good kayak for beginner use and really good value for the money but I really feel the 385FT is a more solid product and definitely performs better. I feel it’s worth the extra money and it will definitely seem like a better kayak if you are used to paddling a hard shell. That being said, I have friends who own the 370 and love it. I don’t think you can go wrong but if you’re thinking long term, I feel the 385Ft is a better way to go.

  5. Aurelien from France says:

    and thanks for the review! My girlfriedn and I are getting into kayaking, and we plan on going down the Loire river next summer. This will be a camping, multiday trip. Th thing is … we have a dog! he’s about 30 kgs (65lbs), he’s been on a canoe before, and he behaves very nice and quiet.

    Do you think the three of us would fit comfortably in a fasttrack 465 with all of our camping gear?
    We have light equipement since we are used to multiday hiking trips in the mountains…

    I wonder if we should get two boats instead of just one.

    Thanks for the advice!


    • Hi Aurélien , I think it’s definitely doable especially if your camping gear is light. The 465 can comfortably fit 3 people and has room to secure gear on the bow and stern… I worry your legs might be a little squished though. Personally I think you’ll be more comfortable with two of the SE 385’s… one person could take the dog and the other could take the camping gear. Good luck!!

  6. Dear Allison,
    O.K. – I am sold on the Sea Eagle FT.
    Now on the paddle length.
    I see that you use a pretty high angle of attack. It seems to me that you could be using a shorter paddle.
    Are you using the length that comes with the boat – or one unrelated to the FT?

    I am going to get a Werner medium quality paddle designed for high angle approach. Any idea paddle length I should get. Length from floor to cupped hand is 82″ which is how paddle length is determined for rigid boat.

    • A medium quality Werner paddle is a good choice. I’m using the length that comes with the FT and although I do plan to upgrade my paddle, it has worked fine. Typically with inflatable kayaks you want a slightly longer paddle than you would use with a hard-shell kayak because of their extra width. The length recommended for your height with a kayak the width of the FT is actually 98″ for a low angle paddling style. For high angle the recommended length would be around 86″.

  7. Dear Allison,
    On your suggestion I purchased a Sea Eagle Fasttrack.
    I do, however, intend to purchase a better (lighter) paddle.
    The 8’0″ paddle that comes with the boat is much too long. I am 5’8″ – average arm length. I will sit on the black seat with a 2.5″ cushion for my butt. So I will be pretty high in the boat.
    I am thinking of a 230-240cm paddle. Do you have any insight re best paddle length for this boat considering its width.


  8. Allison,
    Sorry – I did not see your response re paddle question. Obviously you would recommend the longer paddle of 240cm (94.5″) for me. Which is actually shorter than the 98′ for low angle paddling that you recommend.
    Your thoughts??

    • Hi Herb, I think you’d be fine with either a 230cm or 240cm paddle, it’s really personally preference. I’m roughly your same height and I prefer the 240cm paddle but I’ve used a 230cm paddle many times before and it’s been fine. Thee 240cm paddle just seem to work better for my paddling style. If you are really finding the 8′ paddle too long then go for a 230cm paddle, I think it’ll be just fine, especially if you are sitting up a little higher.

  9. Hi Allison,
    Actually I have not had a chance to use the kayak yet. But I know I will want a much lighter paddle than comes with the boat. Also – I thought the 8’0″ paddle that comes stock is too long. The paddle dealer suggested the 240cm just on the specs of the boat. I was hoping to test both the 230cm and 24cm – but that is not possible in my area. Sooooooooooooooo – I think I will just take the plunge and go with the 240cm.
    Thanks again for all your help

    • Hi Herb, I agree too bad you can’t test out the paddle first, but I think you’ll be okay with the 240cm paddle… Especially if it’s much lighter than the stock paddle that comes with it. A nice light paddle makes a huge difference. Just make sure you can return it if you don’t like it 🙂 Good luck!!

  10. Hi Allison,

    Have you had a chance to test the new Sea Eagle RazorLite yet?

    • Hi Chris, Yes the review is now done. Here’s the link… Sea Eagle RazorLite review.
      The RazorLite is quite different from the FastTrack. I had them both out today so I could take some comparison pictures. I’ll have the pics up hopefully later today or tomorrow morning.

  11. Pam Newport says:

    Due to an emergency surgery, while on vacation 1200 miles from home, and weight restrictions, my husband bought a SeaEagle Fast Track 385 with the fishing seat We are vacationing in Florida and I have been paddling with him in my hard-sided kayak. I can tell you we have been in a lot of boat wakes and a lot of wind and I honestly think his Fast Track handles it as well as my very large, very stable kayak. I think he can paddle a little better in the wind than I can which is surprising but I’m pushing a lot of water, I guess. He has the fishing swivel seat and likes it. He is 71, and turns all the way around in that seat and sits sideways a lot. I will purchase another Sea Eagle when we get home and was looking around on here at other yak reviews. Nothing seems to come close to the SeaEagle. They also ship fast and, when we had to have a new inflatable floor due to a pin-sized hole from the manufacturer, there was no question about it. Once I found the hold, I sent photos and they shipped a new floor. No questions.

    • Thanks for the great comment Pam! Really glad the 385 FastTrack has worked out so well for you. I totally agree, it’s an awesome kayak and the Sea Eagle customer service rocks. All the best and happy paddling!

  12. Connie Berey says:

    Hi, I’m a 65 year old gramma that wants to take up kayaking. I have a great deal of boating experience from row boats to a 27 foot Catalina sailboat that I used to single hand, and many models of power boats in between. But I have very little experience with kayaking. I won’t be doing any white water, just want to be able to do some paddling. I need something that would be relatively easy to get in and out of, as I have some knee issues. I’m looking at the Sea Eagle Fast Track or the Sea Eagle Razor Edge. I’m leaning towards the Fast track, as it can be converted to a sailing dinghy. Would you please give my your opinion? Thanks.

    • Hi Connie, You’d probably be okay with either but the FastTrack does offer more stability when getting in and out for sure. I noticed the difference getting into the RazorLite immediately, it took more effort to keep stable. Also the FastTrack does offer more versatility with the sailing option as you mentioned. My feeling is that the FT would be a better fit for you.

  13. Hi, Allison, I am a 65-year-old single woman (5’2″ + a little too much weight) who uses a service dog (75-lb boxer) for mobility due to too many failed back surgeries. I really want to purchase an inflatable kayak to use in flatwater only with a local flatwater group. I don’t want to count on others to help me although occassionally my daughter might go with me. But I definitely want to bring my service dog along. I’ve been able to try out the AE AdvancedFrame Kayak once but, of course, my dog could not fit in with me. Do you feel the Sea Eagle 385FT would be my best option? Do I understand correctly that the SE 385FT is convertable from one seat to two?Would there still be room for my dog if my daughter comes along? I’m concerned about having a kayak that I cannot handle alone but would like the option of someone coming with me. And with my back issues which seat would be best in your opinion? Any other options you would recommend? Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Heidi, I think you would be okay with the FastTrack. Yes it is a tandem that can convert to a solo. Before I got the new SE RazorLite kayak, I paddled the FastTrack solo all the time. I find it easy enough to handle and maneuver, setup is fairly quick and it is stable and comfortable. The only issue you might have with your back is getting the inflated kayak to the water… if you are not able to inflate it right at the water. You can get those kayak wheels to pull the kayak to the water if needed, they work great. Sea Eagle sells them (the EZ cart) as do other online stores. There is lots of room for you and your dog, that is definitely no problem. If you are paddling with your daughter, the dog will have to sit up front most likely in between your legs. I have paddled the FastTrack before with a friend and her big lab. The lab basically lied down up front partly on my friends legs. It was cozy but very doable. I’ve also paddled the FastTrack with two people, a small child up front and a small dog in the middle with me. I probably wouldn’t want to do a long haul trip like this but it’s comfortable enough. I would suggest bringing a towel for the dog to sit on or to put across your legs when paddling tandem. The only issue we found with the big dog were the wet paws… a towel helps 🙂

      As far as the seats go, the new tall back seats Sea Eagle is offering in the Pro Package are fantastic. They have extra padding on the bottom so they are far more comfortable than the old high back seats they used to offer. I like them much more than the inflatable seats in the Deluxe Package personally. Plus you can adjust the back support on them by tightening the straps. I am prone to lower back pain myself but I find the high back seats to offer lots of support and to be very comfortable.

      The other kayak I would suggest for you would be the Airis Tandem. It’s a great kayak, weighs slightly less and would also suit your needs. The only issue with it is that it does not provide as much room for two people and a dog. It is slightly shorter and I find a little ‘squishier’ when loaded up.

  14. David Demick says:


    Hi Folks,

    Just placed my order for your Fast Track 385 Pro Package. You can partly credit the reason for this purchase to the quick replies and information supplied to me by Donna. Also, from Allison and her website in regards to inflatable kayaks. Plus, I have researched just about every available inflatable kayak that is on the market.

    I have been told that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, thus when making a purchase I am basically looking for the best purchase for the amount of monies that I am willing to spend, thus another reason that I have chosen Sea Eagle.

    Very much looking forward to receiving this water craft and enjoying its use. I have been told that customer service from Sea Eagle is awesome, thus could you kindly send me the best
    Fast Track 385 that you have in stock ? hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Following is part of the emails that I had with Allison on her website. She spoke very highly of your company.


    David Demick

    Hi Dave,

    I apologize for not responding sooner, I seem to have missed your email. I am usually much faster.

    I have been really pleased with Sea Eagle over the years. I find they give you a lot for your money and yes their customer service is awesome. My very first inflatable kayak was their 380X explorer kayak and I eventually upgraded to the FastTrack. I do like the FastTrack a lot. It is stable and comfortable yet it still paddles well. It would definitely suit your needs.

    Another option is the Airis Tandem. I really enjoy paddling this kayak as well. It has a different feel than the FastTrack because you sit higher up. However it handles well and is light and convenient to bring anywhere. It is also a tandem that can be converted to a solo. The only downside is I do find that I get more wet in the Airis Tandem. The leaner sides don’t seem to offer as much protection as the sides of the FastTrack. I also think the FastTrack offers more room for gear.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


    Inflatable Kayak World

    On 2015-04-22, at 5:29 PM, David Demick wrote:

    Internet Research
    Have been viewing your site and decided to ask you a couple of questions. Wife and I are retired, age is not the question ! Would like to get out on some of the smaller lakes here in the Adirondacks of NY and in Vermont. Am very much considering the Sea Eagle 385 FT. Our outings may be for just an afternoon of paddling and lunch or dinner. What would be your honest opinion of the boat we are considering ? Have read good things about Sea Eagle customer service, can all of it be true ?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  15. We’ll gang. I am waiting for my new 385FT to arrive via UPS. Got the seats and paddles today and suddenly it is all real. All those comparisons, all those reviews, all that money, all behind me and NOW I am going to have a kayak to take cross country in my little 25 foot Navion motorhome. My wife and will be stopping at flat waters from Santa Cruz to Tahoe, to the Great Lakes to upstate New York, to (Boston and Cape Cod, then up the northern seaboard, all the way to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, then back across southern Canada. It that doesn’t test the 385FT, then nothing will. I promise to give you all a complete review.
    My wife and I have not been in a kayak more than an hour before, ever. We are an athletic 63 years old so, YES, we have taken a might plunge. And oh, by the way, I am already thinking about getting a trolling motor and mount, just to avoid getting caught in a storm on any of the 20 or thirty lakes we will be visiting.
    Even at 63, I am too young to die.

    Best Regards – Steve in Santa Cruz, CA

    • Your trip sounds truly amazing!!! Can’t wait to hear about it. Feel free to post pics to the IKworld Facebook page I bet you’ll get some beautiful shots 🙂

    • Hey Steve. I just wanted to mention that in my experience, that paddling with two people, motor mount, motor, and MARINE BATTERY is somewhat awkward as the motor mount alone takes up almost a foot of space in the boat…… Nonetheless, without it, upwind or up current, the 385 Fastrack tracks straight so you don’t need it. We all have our own portable wind and weather reports on our smartphones these days so just use common sense that you would in any boating situation. Enjoy, Joel

  16. WOW !! Steve,
    Sounds like you are about to embark on a great adventure. All the good luck to you !
    Our 385FT arrived yesterday in “4” boxes. I had only ordered it this past Sunday morning and it arrived yesterday afternoon, 5/12. Kayak and pack with skeg in one box. Paddles in second box. Pro seats in third box and finally electric air pump in 4 th box.
    I can only assume the reason for the really fast shipping was that it only had to travel from Long Island, NY to upstate NY, Lake George area.
    Once again, good luck on your adventure and will be looking forward to your reports and updates.

    • Well Joel,
      I am with you. I keep going over and over, in my mind, why I would want the hassle of adding a motor and battery to this rig…it doesn’t pan out. So I am going to be smart about the weather, have the appropriate safety gear onboard and have as much fun as I can muster.

  17. For those of you wondering about 385FT and 435FT sizes, I have to say the 385FT seems PLENTY big to me. I am 6’1” 200lbs and my wife is 5’10” 165lbs and we feel like there is plenty of leg room. Both of us are high-waisted frogs. In fact, the size of the 385FT. when it is blown up, really surprised us both. This little kayak is a BOAT.

    We were both impressed with the rigidity of the 385FT. The stiffness has a feel of quality and toughness, making its size (overall and interior) seem all the more useful and appropriate for either one or two paddlers. I doesn’t need to be bigger to be stout. We found this to be true even with the floor pumped up to only 4 lbs. I bought a 4 psi/ 14 psi pump and pumped up the floor to around 8 psi and WOW does that make the 385FT stiff. Clearly you can stand up paddle board when the floor is this hard. Stout indeed.

    The 385FT is significantly lighter and smaller when you see one blown up, side-by-side, with a 435T. I would think, for two people, the 435FT would be overkill unless they were built like Carl Malone. I should think windage would be a real consideration (serious problem) if you were paddling an 435FT alone and a significant breeze came up. I also think that overcoming the inertia of a bigger heavier boat would also be a drag (pun intended) when you were solo paddling…probably not much different once you got going, but my experience of kayaking, thus far, is that I like to start and stop a lot…sort of smell the roses out on the water. Whats the rush?

    The maximum weight for the 385FT is over 600 pounds. I really can’t imagine, with the floor blown up nice and tight, that the 385 would not handle a big, tall guy and his big tall partner, especially if you use the Deluxe seats. While the Deluxe seatback takes up 5″ more inches of leg room than the Pro high-backed seats, you get the legroom right back because you are sitting about 4″ off the floor…FAR more comfortable for an old geezer like myself and, oh yeah, far drier.

    There you have it, an opinion from a complete newb…but that is the way of opinions, isn’t it? At least I pulled the trigger and bought one of these. No regrets on my choice of sizes – in fact, quite a relief that I did not purchase the 435FT. Go for it!

  18. Hi Allison, I am a mother (new to kayaking) who would like to kayak with my 3 small children under the age of 9 (appx 60 lbs each). Knowing that the children rarely are ‘still’, will we be able to ride together in the 380 without feeling like it is going to tip over? Is the 385 more stable? I care less about going fast and more about ease of paddling (or tracking) and stability (safety). And finally, can we stay dry in lake or ocean bay water? Both the 380 and 385 are ‘dry’ boats, correct? I assume the prior comments about staying dry pertain to rivers, rapids, and chop, please confirm. Thank you in advance for your time and the info on your site!

    • Hi Sandra, Yes absolutely no problem with three small kids in the 380. That kayak is super stable and truly nearly impossible to tip. I think you’d even be okay in the FastTrack as it is also extremely stable. However you might feel a little more comfortable with the larger pontoon sides of the 380. I feel the 380 is extremely safe for kids. The 385ft does paddle a little better but overall the 380 is still a nice ride. No problem staying dry in lake or ocean water. The only time I find I get wet in the 380 or the 385 is in heavy wind with big swells. Otherwise the only water that will get in will likely be drips from your paddle.

  19. Debbie Morris says:

    Would you recommend the Sea Eagle Fast track solo package for comfort and ease of use if I will mainly be taking the kayak out by myself? The inflatable seat looks more comfortable than using the tandam kayak cloth back seats for mainly single use. I am also looking to buy a quick sail package and am not sure it works on the solo kayak or not. I am really torn between an Airis or other single use kayak brands. I want something really durable for mainly using on lakes and ocean bays, but hate that the Airis doesn’t have any storage space other than bungy straps. I want something that I can paddle long distance, and sometimes choppy water, but would love something with space to store water bottle, food, and light storage for day trips. I won’t be using the kayak for whitewater rafting at all. Any suggestions. I really want to buy one soon.

    • Hi Debbie, I have paddled the SE FastTrack solo often and it’s great! It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. I don’t mind the inflatable seat that comes with the solo package… I prefer the tall back seat personally but the inflatable one is comfortable and works fine. You can always change the seat down the road if you wanted to. The FastTrack is ideal for lakes and ocean bays. It is stable and secure yet paddles well. I do like the Airis kayaks a lot, they are fun to zip around in. However the lack of storage space is definitely an issue unless you go for the Airis Tandem and use it as a solo. I prefer the FastTrack however, it’s a great kayak and gives a lot of value for your money. No problem using the Quick Sail package with the solo FastTrack, it works well.

  20. Debbie Morris says:

    I forgot to ask which is the most comfortable single inflatable kayak you have tried for paddling in bays and lakes for long distances. Comfort and durability are crucial to me, and storage is nice too.

    • The FastTrack is my favorite for comfort, the Airis Sport would be a close second. I also find the new Sea Eagle RazorLite super comfortable. It is leaner so not quite as stable as the other two but you get used to it quickly and it is awesome in lakes and ocean bays. I also find that it is lighter and easier to carry than most other solo inflatable kayaks of similar size. The leaner sides mean less reach when paddling, which I find really adds to the comfort level. All three kayaks are super durable but the SE models definitely provide the most storage space.

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