Sea Eagle 330 Review

Sea Eagle 330 sport inflatable kayak

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, rivers, ocean bays, recreation, camping

Brand: Sea Eagle

Available At:

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Exterior Length 11’ 2”, Exterior Width 2’ 10”, Interior Length 9’ 6”, Interior Width 1’ 1”, Weight 26 lbs, Load Capacity 500 lbs

Accessories Included: 2 Packages to choose from that include 2 paddles, foot pump, 2 kayak seats and storage bag as well a standard repair kit and instruction manual

Kayak Material: Extra thick 33 mil PolyKrylar & I-Beam Construction Floor (extra rigidity)

Pros: Very Stable, lightweight, easy to lift, comfortable, great maneuverability, compact, 2 skegs, easy entry and exit, inexpensive

Cons: No ropes on side to rope tie down gear, tracking not so great (even with the two skegs), susceptible to blowing in the wind

More In-Depth Info

The Sea Eagle 330 is considered a sport inflatable kayak but can also be paddled as a canoe if desired. It is a very good model to start with if you are brand new to inflatable kayaking as it is virtually impossible to sink or tip it.

It is easy to turn and maneuver and will go over just about anything except for perhaps very sharp sticks.

It can be setup quite easily by any person of any age is light enough to be taken literally anywhere in the world by car, RV, airplane,by a larger boat, or even by bike.

This kayak is great for exploring, fishing, camping and relaxing days on the lake, river or calm sea. It has a self bailing drain valve which means that if water gets in the boat you can open the valve and easily let it out.

More about Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle is strictly an inflatable boat company that has been in business for over 40 years.

They have an excellent reputation and consequently they are able to offer a 3-year warranty on all of their kayaks and boats as well as a no risk 180 day-money back guarantee.

They are a great company to purchase an inflatable boat from and if you are looking for an entry level kayak that is very affordable and super lightweight then this one is a great choice. It also comes in a slightly larger version, the SE 370.

The larger 370 offers a fair amount more leg room than the 330 and is better suited for taller people or those who simply wish for a little extra room for gear or comfort. Many people have mentioned that the 330 can be cramped.

Great For Beginners and Traveling

My honest opinion is that although I know the Sea Eagle 330 is a great inflatable kayak and is perfect for day tripping, it is truly an entry level kayak.

It is a good model to choose if you do not want to spend much money and want to find out if you actually enjoy kayaking.

If however you plan on getting out on the water more then a few times a year and are able to afford the extra few hundred dollars, I would highly recommend going for one of their higher end models such as the Sea Eagle 380X or the new Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack. Here is why:

First, the higher end kayaks will last you a lot longer. They are much more rugged and practically impossible to puncture. Second, they are sturdier and can withstand many different weather conditions as well as handle beautifully in just about any type of water.

They will perform much better, get better tracking and be able to reach higher speeds. They are really an all around better inflatable kayak. Once you get better with your paddling skills, you will probably want to upgrade to one of these models.

However as mentioned before, the 330 is ideal for beginners as well as for those who want an affordable option that is still great quality and will be really easy to paddle and transport.

My Pictures and Video


See more pictures of the Sea Eagle 330 on the IK World Flickr page.

Package Options

There are four package options to choose from…

Deluxe Solo Pacakage – This is the cheapest option. It comes with one kayak seat, on kayak paddle, a foot pump and a repair kit.

Deluxe Package – This is the same as the first package except it comes with two kayaks seats, two kayak paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit.

Pro Kayak Package – The Pro package comes with 2 deluxe kayak seats, 2 kayak paddles, a foot pump, a repair kit and a carry bag.

QuickSail Package – This option comes with the very cool QuickSail and allows you to turn your kayak into a little sail boat. It also comes with 2 deluxe kayak seats, 2 paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is yes this is a great beginner kayak and if you are just starting out you can be completely confident that the 330 will be stable and easy to paddle.

It is affordable and tough and versatile enough to be used in many different situations. Even though it can handle some mild whitewater and surf, I really think it is best suited for mainly flat water kayaking or calm rivers.

Where To Buy

You are able to buy the Sea Eagle kayaks directly from the manufacturer which typically results in some excellent prices.

They often have sales and you can take advantage of their 3-year warranty as well as their 180-day risk free trial. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 180 days of purchase.

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  1. ken wollman says:

    How much would I have to pay each if I took four solo sea eagle 330 kayaks?
    How much would I have to pay each if I took four two-man 330 sea eagle kayaks?

    • Hi Ken, we don’t actually sell the kayaks, we just review them. However checking on the Sea Eagle website, the solo 330 Sport kayak is on sale right now for $239 each and the tandem for either $279 or $329 depending on the package you choose. That price includes the kayak, the paddles, the seats, the pump and the carry bag.

  2. Hello
    My name is Cynthia Goldin and I´m from Lima, Peru. I am really interested in buying a present for my boyfriend and since I know he loves anything that has to do with the ocean, I was thinking on giving him an inflatable kayak because we used one earlier this year at the beach and he was delighted with it. A friend had an Airhead Montana Tandem kayak and when we used it we really had a great time, however since I really dont know much about brands and types of kayaks according to waters I was searching at your page and I found really useful information. Since this would be our first inflatable kayak and we would basically use it for the ocean (pacific ocean…. kind of regular waves) I want to buy a good product for an affordable Price. So please I would really appreciate your recommendations because I was looking at the Airhead Montana tándem kayak (wich costs more tan I was planning on spending) or the sea Eagle 330 or 370… I read these two were basically the same, but that the 370 was bigger, and also has the deluxe seats…I have a back problema (scoliosis) and so I would like something comfortable, but I read that the lower seats give you a better sensation in the wáter, so please could you give me some recommendations on what to buy . Thank you very much and thanks for your helpful webpage!

    • Hi Cynthia, I personally prefer the Sea Eagle 370 over the Airhead Montana tandem. I think the 370 tracks a little better and is a bit more comfortable. You do sit up a little higher with the inflatable seats but they are very comfortable and I think provide decent back support. It would be fine for ocean use but I don’t recommend it for expeditions where you are a long way from shore. I think it is best suited for ocean bays and touring shorelines. The Montana would work too but I think you get a lot more for your money with the Sea Eagle kayak. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Allison Thank you so much for your recommendation. I was actually looking at the sea Eagle because I read many good reviews, and now with your recommendation I´m sure that I´ll buy the sea Eagle. Now I have to decide between the 330 or the 370 so I´ll have to look for the best price…. thanks!!!!

    • Thanks Cynthia, I’m really glad you are finding the site helpful! I personally prefer paddling the 370 over the 330. It seems to move a little smoother. However both are good, you can’t go wrong. Happy Paddling!

  4. Hi there, just wondering on the 330, do you think it is worth the extra money going with the pro package(better seats) or the deluxe. Is there that much of a difference? I am on somewhat of a budget.

    • I’m not super fond of the seats in the deluxe package but they’re honestly not that bad. I don’t find they provide as much support so for longer rides they can get uncomfortable. Basically they have an overall cheaper feel to them… but I’ve used them quite a few times and they’re not that bad. Many people have no problem with them at all. If you’re on a budget I wouldn’t hesitate to get them and then you could always upgrade to a different seat sometime down the road if you felt it was necessary.

  5. Larry Blanz says:

    I think the Deluxe seat for the 330 are pathetic. They leak (supposedly you can blow a hair dryer on the valve to resolve this). But the bottom of the seat is far too small; they need to make a larger one. Good kayak otherwise.

  6. daniel wershow says:

    I am not happy about the SeaEagle 330. It was a delight during The first season (3 months in Seattle weather). The second season it developed several hairline slits on the floor where the floor meets the pontoon. The Sea Eagle patch kit patch did not hold. I tried marine putty, but I could not get an airtight seal. I read on the internet that someone else had a similar hairline slit problem. I really liked the 330 before the hairline slit problem. Now, of course, I would not recommend it. And I have no faith in SeaEagle. Lastly the SeaEagle people seemed to not care about the problem.

  7. I have to say, this is a tremendously helpful site.  I’m eyeing the Sea Eagle 330 because I want a stable, durable inflatable tandem kayak or canoe that can easily be used solo, and I’m on a grad student budget.  The trouble is that I’d be using it on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, which is a pretty big lake (3,232 square miles) and often gets quite windy–8-10 mph is a pretty average wind speed.  Is this boat going to make me miserable?  And if so, what other craft of a similar price would better suit my needs (especially durability and suitability for a large, cold lake?)

    • It’s a tough call. I’ve paddled it in heavy wind, it can be hard paddling and because of it’s smaller size and weight really heavy wind will push it around… However no more than any other kayak of it’s size. The nice thing about it is that it is easy to control and very easy to maneuver and turn quickly. It is also very stable. So I do think that if you get caught in heavy wind it will be tough paddling but you would be okay as long as you are willing to put in the extra paddling effort. I think for the price, the SE 330 is a good option. There really aren’t any other options in that price range that will perform any better or that are more durable for that matter. You’d have to go up in price for a heavier duty kayak. The SE330 is popular however and used on all types of water. Hope that helps, good luck!

      • Thanks for the feedback. Incidentally, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, would the 370 be a little bit better for a large, windy lake, even with only one paddler?

  8. Hi Allison,
    this is really a very helpful website, thanks for all the info. I just ordered a SeaEagle 330. I was wondering when I paddle by myself, would I move the back seat to the middle or stay in the back?

    • Thank you Claudia, glad you have found the site helpful! Yes move the seat to the middle. That way the weight distribution will be more even creating a better overall performance. If you ever load it up with tons of gear up front then you can stay seated at the back but otherwise shift to the middle position.

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