Sea Eagle 370 Review

Best Uses: Day trips, flat water, rivers, ocean, camping, families, great for dogs

Brand: Sea Eagle

Available At:

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Number of Paddlers: 2 people

Stats: Exterior Length 12’ 2”, Exterior Width 2’ 10”, Interior Length 10’ 8”, Interior Width 1’ 1”, Weight 32 lbs, Load Capacity 650 lbs

Accessories Included: 2 Packages available that include 2 paddles, 2 kayaks seats, foot pump and storage bag.

Kayak Material: Extra thick 33 mil PolyKrylar & I-Beam Construction Floor (extra rigidity)

Pros: Stable, rugged, easy to lift, comfortable, great maneuverability, compact, two skegs, easy entry and exit

Cons: No ropes on side to rope tie down gear, tracking not so great (even with the two skegs), susceptible to blowing in the wind

More In-Depth Info

The Sea Eagle 370 sport inflatable kayak is virtually identical to the Sea Eagle 330 (see Sea Eagle 330 Review) except that it is slightly larger, weighs 6 pounds more and can hold an extra 150 pounds.

It has a self bailing drain valve that allows you to quickly rid the kayak of excess water if needed. The 370 is quite versatile and great for all different water types but is truly an entry level kayak.

It is affordable and stable and a great option for beginners that are just starting out in the sport of kayaking or novice paddlers.

One thing you can be sure of is that Sea Eagle kayaks are sturdy and extremely hard to puncture. They can literally be dragged over anything and take a huge beating.

They are tough and have earned the reputation as being some of the best. This is not a high end model, however it is still good quality and ideal for recreational fun, fishing and paddling adventures.


Even though this is an entry level kayak and the cheaper of the Sea Eagle models, it is still a lot more solid than many other inflatable kayaks in this price range.

The 370 can hold up to 650 pounds of cargo and consequently can be loaded right up and keep on floating.

It maneuvers very well, is responsive to quick turns and is really easy to paddle. The tracking is decent but not fantastic… however it is probably a little better than you might expect for a kayak in this price range.

A Lot For Your Money

I think that one of the biggest selling features of this inflatable kayak is that you really get a lot for your money.

The price on the Sea Eagle sport kayaks is quite low and it includes the kayak, the paddle(s), the inflatable seat(s), the carry bag, the pump and the repair kit. The only other thing you need to get started is a lifejacket.


The Sea Eagle 370 is extremely light weight for a tandem kayak which makes it a breeze to bring anywhere you want to go.

It is very easy for even one person to carry and it rolls up into a nice little package. Besides transporting in the trunk of your vehicle, it can also easily be taken on an airplane.

I have actually met a few people on my travels who also keep this exact kayak model on their larger boat and use it to paddle from ship to shore. It is a really convenient kayak to have.

Another great feature is that the seats can be moved around. If you want to paddle solo, you can remove one of the seats and place the one you will use in the center of the kayak. It is very easy to make it suit your needs.


If you can I would highly recommend going for the Pro Package that comes with the deluxe kayak seats. They are well worth the little bit of extra money and will be a huge help for any back aches and pains during your paddling adventure.

I am not personally a big fan of the regular inflatable kayak seats offered in the first two package options as I find they offer very little support.

They might be fine for very short kayak trips but for if you plan to be out on the water for any length of time the deluxe seats are a real bonus.

If you are debating between the two different sport kayak sizes I would say that the SE 370 is a better option if you plan on kayaking with 2 people as it truly offers far more leg room than the SE 330. It also offers much more room for fishing gear and camping trips.

The SE 330 is great for solo paddling, kids, or shorter people. It can certainly be used for two, but I personally find it a little squishy when paddling the 330 tandem.


Below is my video of the Sea Eagle 330 Sport inflatable kayak. The 330 is identical to the 370 model except that it is slightly smaller.

Package Options

There are now four different package options to choose from…

The Deluxe Solo Pacakge – This is great if you only want to paddle this kayak solo. It comes with one inflatable kayak seat, one kayak paddle, a foot pump and a repair kit.

The Deluxe Package – This option comes with two inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit.

The Pro Kayak Package – Included in this package is two deluxe inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit.

The QuickSail Package – This is an awesome package if you want an affordable kayak that can sail. It comes with two deluxe inflatable kayak seats, two kayak paddles, the QuickSail, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit.

Final Thoughts

This kayak will not be the fastest or the best performing kayak in the water. However with the affordable price and the fact that it is comfortable, stable, super rugged and is backed by a great three year warranty, you really can’t go wrong.

You get a lot for your money and it is perfect for traveling because of its light weight. It will satisfy any beginner kayaker and work well for recreational use, families, fishing, camping or traveling.

Where To Buy

You are able to purchase this kayak directly from the manufacturer. This is a good thing as you eliminate the middle man and typically get a better price.

They often have sales and you get to take advantage of their 3-year warranty as well as their 180-day risk free trial – if you are dissatisfied with your purchase at any time within 180 days you can return the kayak to Sea Eagle as long as it is in good condition.

I don’t know of any other inflatable kayak company that offers such a long return policy and such great security in your purchase.

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  1. This kayak is a bestseller, some of my friends have been using it for a long time. It’s even better than advertising. I have used it several times. It’s a good choice for those new to kayaking.

  2. Thanks for these reviews, it really has helped me to decide what inflatable kayak I should get.

    At first I just wanted something cheap to paddle around on a small lake this summer, but I kept being concerned about leg room and the large sides of some. Comfort is part of the equation as what fun can it be paddling around quietly when you are all cramped!

    Thanks again for these reviews, I am checking out the links you provided above for the 370!

    Have a great summer

    • Thank you Sue, really glad you have found the site helpful. I totally agree with you, comfort is huge. Paddling is only fun if you’re comfortable and feel good in the kayak you are in. The SE370 is a good kayak for the price and totally fun to paddle around. I keep seeing more and more of them lately when I’m out on the water, it’s a popular model. Cheers.

  3. Thank you for the helpful review. My wife and I would like to start kayaking. And we would like to take our dog with us. He mid-sized, about 40lb. Do you think this kayak will fit three of us comfortably? Since it is puncture resistent, I don’t need to be concerned about the dog’s nails damaging it, do I? Also is it a good kayak for fishing?

    • I’ve paddled the SE370 with two adults and a dog before. It’s a little squishy but totally doable. The dog will need to sit up front and will likely be between someones legs a little. I’ve also seen it paddled with two adults and a big lab and everyone seemed fairly comfy. No problem with the dogs claws at all, these kayaks are very durable. The SE 370 is actually very popular for fishing and I seem to see more and more of them when I’m out paddling myself… often with people fishing in them. So I’d say yes, it’s a great kayak for fishing. Hope that helps, good luck!

  4. Richard Slack says:

    Just started out with my sea eagle 330 . I live in Jacksonville fl & drive a compact car fits in back no roof rack or othe hassle sets up in less than 10 min can launch from almost anywhere great for after work relaxing . i highly recommend it .lots of fun

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