Why the Inflatable Kayak is the Perfect Ride

Kayaking which is already a popular recreational sport is gaining more popularity these days as more and more people are looking for economical ways to enjoy the water without harming the environment and robbing our wallets.

With the rise in prices for gasoline boating is becoming a recreational activity that not many can afford. Most of us do not want to spend all of our paycheck on a quick trip out in the power boat. Though it can be fun, it can also be extremely costly. It is becoming much more recognized that power boats are not only very expensive, but are also doing extreme damage to our shorelines and our water.

I know for myself I love the fact that kayaking is quiet, peaceful, self-powered and does absolutely no harm to the water, the shoreline or to any form of life within the water. Power boats are eroding the shorelines, causing tons of water pollution – not to mention a lot of noise pollution and doing damage to sea life and to wildlife. It is no wonder that the kayak has become so popular with anyone who loves the environment we live in and want to keep it beautiful and healthy.

My love of course is the inflatable kayak mostly because it can be taken anywhere in the world as well as stored in a very small space. It is compact and highly portable. With more and more inflatable kayak companies using environmentally friendly materials, it is becoming a true love for many. My prediction is that over the next ten years the popularity of kayaking will literally quadruple in size as people of all walks of life realize the extreme benefits that the kayak offers.  Good for the environment, good for the body, good for the soul – the inflatable kayak is truly the perfect ride.

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