New Sea Eagle FastTrack Fishing Package

For those who love to fish and want the convenience of a kayak to access remote locations, Sea Eagle has recently come out with a new fishing package for their popular FastTrack inflatable kayak.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack fishing package is available for both the tandem 385 FastTrack as well as for the larger 465 FastTrack.

For the 385FT the fishing package features:

  • 1 360 degree swivel seat
  • 2 rod holders

For the larger 465FT the fishing package features:

  • 2 360 degree swivel seats
  • 4 rod holders

Both models also offer space to mount a fish finder, GPS and/or depth finder.

Convenient and Portable

Although many inflatable kayaks are able to be used for the purpose of fishing, not many come decked out for all your fishing needs. Besides being one of the more comfortable, portable and fast inflatable kayaks on the market, the FastTrack also offers great quality.

The material is extremely strong and very hard to puncture and therefore ideal for fishing. It is stable while still providing great tracking and good performance.

I think one of the greatest features of the FastTrack is that although it offers good length and room, it is still fairly lightweight and easy to transport and carry.  Therefore it is portable enough to bring to just about any fishing location.

With only one swivel seat in the 385 model and two in the 465 model, there is ample room for gear, cargo and other fishing accessories.

For More Information…

For more detailed information on the specs and performance of the FastTrack inflatable kayak please see our reviews:

Or go straight to for more information on the fishing packages.


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