Aire Traveler Inflatable Canoe Review

Best Uses: Rivers, fishing or hunting, expeditions, great for families, can also be used as a narrow raft

Brand: Aire

Number of Paddlers: 2 + ( can be converted from tandem to solo paddling as well)

Stats: Length 15’1”, Width 47”, Weight 70 lbs., Load Capacity 750 lbs.

Accessories Included: Repair kit, 2 adjustable and removable bench seats, 10 year warranty, 2 carry handles, 16 sets of cargo loops

Optional Accessories: Rowing frame is available

Kayak Material: 1300 denier PVC

Pros: Adjustable and removable seats, huge load capacity… room for tons of gear, self bailing floor (2 drain holes) makes it great for whitewater, wide beam allows for excellent stability while fishing

Cons: Heavy, not super fast

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More Detailed Info

The Aire Traveler inflatable canoe is extremely ideal for anyone looking for a very stable boat. The Traveler has been super popular for fishing and also for hunting.

It is so stable that one could stand-up in it and have no problem keeping balance. For this reason it is also good for families with small children looking for safety and stability.

If you are looking at other inflatable canoes the Aire Traveler is basically competing with types like the Innova Vagabond.

However from my research it looks as though no other inflatable canoe can even come close to matching the Traveler.

The Aire Traveler compared to the Innova Vagabond:

  • The Traveler can hold over 750 pounds… that’s massive!! The Vagabond can only hold 528 pounds
  • They both have lace-down bench seats that can be paddled seated or kneeling however unlike the Vagabond, the seats in the Traveler can be moved around – if you take them out all together the weight of the canoe goes down by 11 pounds.
  • The Traveler is self-bailing and has two drain holes. The Vagabond has no drain holes though it does come with an optional spraydeck.
  • The Aire Traveler has a phenomenal 10 year warranty, the Innova Vagabond only has a two year warranty.

The Aire Traveler inflatable canoe simply cannot be matched!


With such a wide and stable bottom do not expect the Aire Traveler to be very speedy. It will not compare to faster inflatable kayaks such as the Aire Super Lynx or the Innova Sunny… it is not in the same ball park.

However the speed is adequate enough for what it is intended and as long as your expectations aren’t too high in this department you should not be dissatisfied.

This canoe is really intended to be paddled by two people (with single blade canoe paddles). If you want to paddle it solo it would be very wise to invest in the rowing frame.

This frame will greatly help to maneuver the boat with much more ease.

Final Thoughts

This is a phenomenal inflatable canoe with the rugged and top notch quality that Aire is known for.

I do find this canoe to be slightly on the heavy side, with a couple of people it is still easy to carry and deflates nicely into a small little package that fits easily in the trunk of a car, in an RV and stored in small spaces.

Whether your goal is to do some fishing, hunting, expeditions, family excursions or whitewater canoeing, this boat will be stable, solid and extremely satisfying.

With a little proper care this inflatable canoe will likely last a lifetime and with the 10 year warranty there is nothing to worry about.

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