Inflatable Canoe or Inflatable Kayak?

Inflatable boats are convenient, compact, easy to travel with and very easy to store in small spaces. If you have decided you want an inflatable boat but are having a hard time deciding between an inflatable canoe and an inflatable kayak then hopefully the facts below will help.

Facts about Inflatable Canoes AE StraitEdge Canoe
  • Canoes are versatile enough to be good for a lot of different things, however they do not excel at anything.
  • Canoes are usually quite stable and fairly comfortable. They tend to offer a fair amount of space for maneuvering, for stretching out your legs and loading up gear.
  • Canoes are easy to get in and out of whether you are in the water or on the shore. Many older people and young kids like canoes because of their great stability.
  • Canoes have an open concept and often will allow in a lot of water. Anyone who has ever gone for a paddle in a canoe has usually had the experience of bailing out excess water.
  • Canoes tend to ride up fairly high and often get caught by the wind which can make paddling a lot of extra work.
Facts about Inflatable Kayaks
  • Kayaks are typically built a lot sleeker than canoes. This sleekness allows them to paddle further, faster and hopefully without too much trouble from high winds.
  • Kayaks can handle many more water types and weather conditions than a canoe.
  • Some inflatable kayaks have closed cockpits and will keep you much dryer while paddling through the water. Many kayaks will even have drain valves that allow us to rid the boat of excess water quickly and easily.
  • Inflatable kayaks range from whitewater kayaks to recreational flatwater kayaks to expedition sea kayaks… there is lots of choice.
  • Kayaks use a double ended paddle that offers much more control, speed and technique.
It’s all about personal preference…

Which kind of inflatable boat you choose will depend entirely on which type of paddling you plan on doing most and your own personal preference. Personally I would choose an inflatable kayak over an inflatable canoe any day because I love the low ride, the speed and the sport of paddling my kayak. I find canoes to be a much slower paced boat that is great for relaxing days out on the lake but not good for too much else.

Either way both the inflatable canoe and kayak offer an economical and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the water, the great outdoors and nature.

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