NRS 2-Piece Kayak Paddle Bag Review

* Updated May 2016 I have been using this kayak paddle bag for over 6 years now. I had the older version (same bag, different color) for several years then updated to the latest all black model last year. I now own the two bags and use them both. My older NRS kayak paddle bag […]

Water Shoes – Which Type do you Wear?

The type of water shoes you wear while you kayak will depend on the weather, the temperature of the water, the type of kayaking you plan to do, and whether or not you will be exiting your kayak during your excursion and do some walking or hiking. The Sport Sandal More often then not, in […]

Stohlquist PFD – A Lifejacket for Every Need

Stohlquist is a very popular manufacturer of life jackets. You can expect each Stohlquist PFD to be designed for comfort and strength. They are known to be made with great care and in fact each pfd is hand made with attention to all details. Their PFD’s meet all the Coast Guard specifications. They have many […]

PFD Hydration Pack

Depending on how hard you want to paddle, kayaking can be relaxing and it can also be a great workout. Staying hydrated is extremely important… especially if you are out in the hot sun. Keeping your water bottle in an easy access spot is not always convenient when kayaking. Also as anyone who has ever […]

Yakgrips Kayak Paddle Grips Review

  These are the absolute best invention for a kayak paddle. If you have ever suffered from blisters or calluses while paddling, the Yakgrip paddle grips will help immensely. I always seem to have a problem with getting blisters and calluses on the palms of my hands when kayaking. To combat that problem I used to wear […]

NRS Kayak Hanger

A kayak hanger is a neat idea. I don’t use one myself as I usually just store my inflatable kayak away in its bag. However I think if you have the space this kayak hanger would actually be really handy. Below are two reasons that even for an inflatable kayak this kayak hanger could be […]

4-Piece Kayak Paddles

The majority of kayak paddles will either be all one piece or very commonly will come apart in two pieces. These are fine if you are only transporting your paddle in your vehicle. However one of the great advantages of using an inflatable kayak is that you can take it traveling with you on an […]

Digital Waterproof Cameras

Want to record your whitewater kayaking adventures? These waterproof cameras can attach either onto your helmet, onto your wrist or onto your kayak paddles and allow you to take phenomenal shots. There are three different cameras to choose from. Please see details below. GoPro Digital Helmet Hero Wide 5 MP Waterproof Camera This waterproof camera gives […]

NRS Paddlers Glove

I have used these gloves for almost three years and they are the best gloves for kayaking that I have tried. They are really tough and after three years of use, mine are still in excellent shape. They are extremely durable and feel great on. Features of the NRS Utility Paddlers Glove: The back of […]

Doggie Lifejacket – Is Your Pup Prepared?

Taking your dog out kayaking with you can be such a great experience – for you and for your dog. However it is important that they are just as prepared as you are and safety of course is key. The most important piece of gear for your dog will be his PFD. Whether your dog […]