Ruff Wear Portage Float Coat Dog PFD Review

This past week we reviewed one more doggy lifejacket, the Ruff Wear Portage Float Coat. This PFD is ideal for dogs new to water and for recreational water activities such as swimming, boating and kayaking on lakes or calm water. Our model this time was an adorable little bichon/shih tzu named Rocky who has recently […]

Ruff Wear Big Eddy Float Coat Dog PFD Review

Ruff Wear makes some of the best life jackets for dogs and over the long weekend we tested out the Ruff Wear Big Eddy Float Coat. Our model was Ellie, a beautiful black lab mix. Ellie is a rescue dog and was adopted a couple of years ago by my friend Lisa. Over the course […]

Stohlquist Cruiser Women’s PFD Review

I got the Stohlquist Cruiser PFD a while back and wanted to really wear it in a few different water and weather conditions before giving my review.  After multiple uses I feel very confident that the Cruiser is a well fitted and comfortable lifejacket that is well made to suit most women’s bodies. I initially […]

Importance of 303 Protectant for Inflatable Kayaks

There is very little care involved with an inflatable kayak. Besides drying it out, cleaning it now and again with an inflatable boat cleaner or an all natural cleaning agent the only thing you really need to concern yourself with is making sure it is UV protected. Just like us, inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats […]

New Sea Eagle Electric Turbo Pump

Sea Eagle has just come out with a new electric turbo pump that is able to pump up their inflatable boats and kayaks in a few short minutes flat. There are a few things that I like about this electric pump that make it unique from other electric pumps on the market. No Over-Inflation Worries It allows […]

Inflatable Kayak and Canoe Anchor System

It is not that easy to find a good inflatable kayak and inflatable canoe anchor system that works well and is simple to pack away. The Advanced Elements Canoe and Kayak Anchor System is probably one of the best ones on the market. This anchor system is ideal for those who like to fish as […]

NRS Crew Gloves Review

Recently my mom purchased the NRS Crew Glove. It is a basic, lightweight paddling glove that is ideal for protecting the hands from blisters, sun or from a slight chill. I was looking forward to trying them out when she got them as I myself have the far more heavy-duty NRS Utility/Paddlers Glove. I have […]

Keen H2 Sandals Review

Normally for the summer I wear my sport sandals while kayaking. In colder weather I have a pair of NRS water booties. For this season I decided that I really wanted a pair of the Keen H2 sandals… mostly because they offer more protection for my foot and are great for scrambling over rocks… and […]

A PFD Fit for a Woman

For all of the women kayakers out there you will likely know as I do how uncomfortable a PFD can be. Most lifejackets are not designed for a women’s body and consequently can be one of the most awkward and uncomfortable pieces of clothing/protection that you could wear. As most PFD’s are unisex I never really […]

Fujifilm FinePix Z33 Waterproof Digital Camera

I bought a new camera. After ruining my last two while kayaking (one dropped in the water and the other dropped on the rocks) I decided that I would get myself a waterproof camera this time. Waterproof cameras are known not to provide as good a picture as a decent regular digital camera so I decided […]