DryCase Waterproof Backpack Review

I bought this waterproof backpack specifically for kayaking and I have also used it occasionally while stand-up paddling. I wanted a bag that would keep my lunch, camera and extra gear dry and also be functional to use outside of the kayak. Sometimes I like to paddle to a hiking destination. The DryCase waterproof backpack works […]

Doggles ILS Dog Goggles Review

I always wear sunglasses when kayaking for the obvious reason of protecting my eyes from the sun glaring off the water. As many of you know my dog Seth comes kayaking with me almost every time. It occurred to me that his eyes need UV protection as well. I noticed in the hot weather that […]

Werner Camano Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

I went years paddling with a regular aluminum kayak paddle. My old standard paddle worked fine for a long time but it was time to upgrade and I wanted something lighter, more efficient and overall just more fun to use. I did a LOT of research trying to figure out which paddle to buy. I […]

BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump Review

Pumping up an inflatable kayak is not that hard. Even using a standard foot pump or hand pump doesn’t take an excessive amount of time. For years I used a foot pump and was quite happy with it. I always found the foot pump to be a lot less back breaking than using a hand […]

K-Pump Review – High Pressure Pump

I recently purchased a K-Pump to use on my inflatable kayaks and inflatable stand up paddle boards. I bought the K20 model while traveling because it is so small and compact. It easily fit into my suitcase when I flew home. Although at home I am very happy using my electric pump and foot pump […]

NRS Rogue Kayaking Gloves Review

A friend of mine recently bought the NRS Rogue gloves for kayaking. Being a big fan of NRS gloves in general I was excited to have the opportunity to review another pair that I had not yet tried. The Rogue gloves are fairly unique in that instead of a Velcro cuff they have a HydroCuff […]

Nikon Coolpix AW100 Waterproof Camera Review

A waterproof camera can be very handy to have if you are into any type of water sports. While I was traveling this winter in Hawaii my Fujifilm waterproof camera broke while I was snorkelling. When I was trying to take pictures underwater of fish the camera just stopped working. Upon further inspection when I […]

Sea Eagle Universal Kayak Sail Kit

Sea Eagle has expanded their inflatable kayak accessories to include a universal kayak sail called the QuickSail. The QuickSail will convert almost any kayak into a sailing vessel. Kayakers have been modifying their kayaks for years and many people who have wanted to take advantage of the winds have added sails before. The great thing […]

Durable Water Repellent for your Kayaking Clothes

When the warm months are over you can keep paddling if you are well protected from the elements. One of the key factors in staying happy and warm is to keep dry. This can be difficult especially if you live in a wet and cold fall/winter climate like I do. It is important to have the right cold weather paddling […]

Advantages of Neoprene Clothing for Kayaking

Layering for cold weather paddling is always a bit of a challenge. Figuring out the right kayaking clothing to wear takes some consideration. The air temperature will likely be a lot warmer than the water temperature. Dressing for the air temperature is one thing but what if your kayak should capsize? You will lose your […]