Key Inflatable Kayak Comparison Factors

When searching for an inflatable kayak naturally you will want to compare certain models. There are a few key things that are important to be aware of and to check when you are doing your comparisons.

Consider these Factors when Comparing Inflatable Kayaks

  1. Water Type – Depending on what type of kayaking you would like to do, the water type will be very important. Some inflatable kayaks are more geared for whitewater and others are geared for flatwater or ocean kayaking. If you plan on paddling mostly in whitewater rapids then it is important that your kayak is able to handle that type of water.
  2. Length – The length of the kayak will help to determine a few things. For one a longer and sleeker kayak will tend to go faster. Also a longer kayak will usually provide more room for gear and accessories or for extra people or dogs.
  3. Width – The width will determine how stable your kayak is. A wider boat will of course offer more stability. Sometimes a wider inflatable kayak can be good for beginner to novice paddlers, but it can also be good for heavy loads and comfort.
  4. Weight – One of the main advantages to owning an inflatable kayak is that you can easily take it anywhere. If you plan on traveling with your kayak it is nice to have one that doesn’t weigh a whole lot. Also if you plan on kayaking solo it is important that you are able to carry your kayak by yourself. However another factor to consider is that the lighter the kayak, the more it may be affected by wind and heavy water.
  5. Load Capacity – How much do you need your inflatable kayak to hold? Will you be doing any overnight expeditions? Tandem kayaks can typically hold a lot more gear than solo kayaks. It is important to know the maximum load capacity of your boat if you plan on taking more than just your camera and water bottle.
  6. Kayak Material – Different inflatable kayak manufacturers will use different materials. Some are better than others and are able to withstand harsher conditions. To learn more on this subject please check out our article “Types of Inflatable Kayak Materials”.
  7. Solo or Tandem? – Will you be kayaking by yourself or do you need a double kayak? There are lots of inflatable kayaks that can hold two or more people and these can be ideal for couples, families, dogs and for helping out an inexperienced kayaker. There are also some tandem inflatable kayaks that can be converted into solo kayaks which is a very convenient option.
  8. Warranty – Most manufacturers do offer some type of warranty on their inflatable kayaks ranging from a 1 year warranty to a 10 year warranty depending on the quality of the boat.
  9. Price – Of course one of the most important features to compare with inflatable kayaks is price. With inflatable kayaks price can range from $100 all the way up to over $2000. There is truly an option for everyone’s budget.

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