Top 6 Boating Safety Tips

Proper boating safety is usually improved upon as you develop more boating experience.  I think soaking up as much knowledge as you can before you head out on the water is the safest thing you can do in order to keep yourself, your passengers and your boat safe.

The below boating safety tips can be applied to any type of boat including kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats, fishing boats, rafts or power boats… be they inflatable or hard-shells.

6 Important Boating Safety Tips

These tips will make all your boating trips safe and happy ones. Be sure that all your passengers understand the rules as well.

  1. Make a point of learning about the legal requirements in your state or province. For example the legal age limit as well as the education requirements needed (if any).
  2. Take a safety course for the type of boating you will be doing. After you have taken the course you can practice on quiet waterways before taking on busier more congested areas.
  3. Always wear a PFD (personal flotation device) while on any type of watercraft. Make sure that all passengers within your boat are wearing a PFD including any animals.
  4. Never consume alcohol while operating a boat or before heading out to the water. We all know that even a small amount of alcohol can affect your decision making skills. This can especially be a problem if combined with the hot sun and dehydration.
  5. Keep a safe distance from all other boats and always be aware of what is in the water around you. Whether you are in a self-powered boat such as a kayak or a gas powered motor boat, be aware of your surroundings and steer clear of any other erratic drivers. If you are driving a power boat keep in mind that it takes a lot longer to stop than a motor vehicle does.
  6. Keep your passengers within the maximum occupancy number. Too many passengers equal definite problems. Boats allot a maximum passenger number for good reason.

Staying educated on boating safety is the best way to keep your outings on the water enjoyable and safe. If you are interested in getting an inflatable boat that is easy to store away, transport and fun to use please see our inflatable boat reviews for more information on the different options available.


  1. Those are great tips that you have provided. They are simple and basic, yet can be lifesaving when there is a incident on the water.
    There are too many statistics that cause injury and even death, when the tips are overlooked. The primary tip of wearing PFDs is critical. Many states now have laws that required life jackets for children, and it is a good idea for adults to set the example.
    Boating is a great water sport, and being safe while having fun can make all the difference.
    Take care,
    Jane Warren, Publisher

  2. Thank you for talking about the importance of making sure you always wear a flotation device when on a boat. I can see how keeping this in mind can help you enjoy the ride as well as being prepared in case of an emergency. I would want to make sure I know what to do in case of an emergency and have a way to contact someone for help.

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