Bic Yakka Review

Best Uses: Recreation, flat water, exploring, camping

Brand: Bic

Number of Paddlers: 1

Stats: Length 9’ 4”, Width 30”, Weight 46 lbs (Yakka 80) or 48.5 lbs (Yakka 120), Load Capacity 176 lbs (Yakka 80) or 265 lbs (Yakka 120)

Accessories Included: Integrated footrests, seat EVA foam cushioning, stern protector and wheel inserts for backrests, bow protector, carry handles, mooring straps, accessory stowing mesh, self-draining scupper

Kayak Material: Inflatable bladders made with durable PVC material

Pros: stable, rugged, easy entry and exit, folds down and is easy to transport with wheel provided, rigid hull, only have to inflate side chambers

Cons: Heavier than most solo inflatable kayaks, butt will get wet, real lack of back support and proper seat

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More Detailed Info

The Bic Yakka is a very unique and innovative kayak. It is part folding kayak and part inflatable kayak.

Basically to set it up you simply unfold the hull sections, then secure the center support and then inflate the sides. The whole process won’t take more than five minutes.

It’s a pretty interesting concept as most kayaks are either completely rigid, folding kayaks or totally inflatable. Bic has designed a kayak that is a combination of each and is in my opinion pretty cool.

Good For Flat Water

The Yakka will best suit those looking for an easy set-up kayak that doesn’t take up as much space as a hard-shell kayak. It is good for recreational use on flat water. It works well for leisurely paddling and for children.

The Bic Yakka is really only suited for shorter paddling excursions as there is a real lack of back support and no proper seat. It is classed as a touring kayak but I would only recommend very short tours.

It is great to bring along camping or to paddle on a lake. It tracks fairly well and gets better speed than one would expect.

The Negatives

Unfortunately there are a few fairly big negatives to the Yakka. Even though it is innovative and unique, it is not completely functional.

One can expect to get very wet while paddling this kayak. Water can get in through the midhull line where the two base hull pieces meet – basically at the folding line.

Since there is no real proper seat in the Yakka you will start to feel like you are getting swamped with water. There is drain holes so it definitely won’t flood on you but you can expect to have a very wet butt.

I would highly suggest purchasing a separate seat and simply clip it in. This would provide for a much dryer ride.

The other negative is that there is no rudder or skeg. It tracks decently but a rudder or skeg will always make a huge difference in good tracking as well as help with not getting pulled by the wind.

The Yakka comes in two different sizes… the Yakka 80 and the Yakka 120. The Yakka 80 can fit easily in the trunk of a car when folded but the Yakka 120 is a bit larger and there may be some difficulties.

If you plan on transporting it in your trunk, check the dimensions carefully.

It also comes equipped with a little wheel on one end of the kayak so that it can be wheeled when folded closed however it is best to only wheel it on pavement.

If you are on gravel, beach or rocks you may have some difficulty. As this kayak weighs at least 45 lbs. in my opinion two wheels would have been far more helpful.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line… I like the Yakka, I think the design and concept is really cool but I wouldn’t recommend this it for most people.

Even though yes it does paddle nicely and it is very easy to set up there are just too many negatives that I believe would get highly annoying.

To me it would be one of those purchases that in theory seems great but ends up being stored in a closet and rarely taken out.

However if the Yakka is appealing to you then know that it is very well constructed, is solid and rugged and would certainly provide hours of recreational fun. Just be sure to get yourself a proper seat and park close to the water.

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  1. Jay Prater says:

    I own a bic yakka 120. I was very fortunate to come across it at our local rescue mission thrift store! I love the kayak. I use it for hard to get to ar3eas for bass fishing. I’m n dire need of a replacement air tube for the inflatable part of it. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay Prater

    • Hi Jay, You definitely lucked out if you found that kayak at a thrift store, that’s awesome! I’m not actually sure where you would get a replacement air tube from. Try contacting Bic, here is their link… Hopefully they can help you out, good luck!

  2. Tara pugh says:

    I spoke to bake trying to find the whole top inflatable part no longer in production you can get the aluminum insert to keeps it in the out for position which is what I need but its about 150 I think they told me Parts are Milton on on easy units there no longer in production

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