Best Inflatable Rafts

Inflatable rafts come in many shapes and sizes and can vary greatly in quality, price, as well as use. Below you will find a full selection of the different kinds of inflatable rafts for every type of activity.

Inflatable Boat Rafts

These are inflatable rafts that are a bit more heavy duty than your average recreational summer fun rafts. They tend to be slightly larger and some are capable of adding a motor.

An inflatable boat raft is perfect for families, kids, fishing and for bringing aboard a larger vessel. Below are the different models to choose from.

Intex Excursion 5 Boat Set
This inflatable raft can carry up to five people. It is made from tough viny construction and is fairly durable. It has three air chambers, an all around grab line, 2 welded oar locks on each side as well as boston valves.

The Excursion comes with inflatable seats, pump and oars and is US Coast Guard approved. There is an optional Intex motor mount kit available.

Intex Seahawk II Boat Set
The Seahawk is able to carry up to three people and includes a pump, 54″ aluminum oars, rock guard trim around the outer edge and two fishing pole holders.

It also has grab handles on both sides, welded rotational oar locks on each side and Boston valves. The Seahawk is sturdy, stable and rugged. There is an optional Intex motor mount kit available.

Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set
The 4 Person Mariner includes oars and pump and has 4 air chambers. It weighs eighty pounds and can hold 880 lbs. It comes with some great accessories including cushions, gear pouch, batter pouch, oar locks and more.

This raft is US Coast Guard approved as well as certified by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association. There is an optional Intex motor mount kit available.

RST Marine Navigator II 500 Heavy Duty Inflatable Boat Raft
This is a great inflatable boat raft that can hold up to five people. It is very durable and made with PVC. It has one drain hole and is good for moderate rapids, lakes or harbor use.

The RST Marine Navigator comes with seats, 2 lightweight oars, gear bag, carrying case, air pump and an inflatable keel for directional control. It can hold up to 830 lbs. This is a great raft.

Seamax Ocean380 Aluminum Floor V-Hull Inflatable Boat Raft
This is an awesome 12.5 foot inflatable raft. It is constructed with heavy duty PVC fabric and comes with an aluminum floor. It can hold up to 1600 lbs. and 6 adults. It comes with a bow bag, carrying case, 2 plywood seats, 2 aluminum oars, a foot pump, repair kit as well as a spare air valve.

This raft is self-bailing and comes with the option for adding a motor. It is excellent quality, comes with a 5 year warranty and is certified by Transport Canada.

Inflatable Fishing Rafts

Inflatable rafts have been popular for fishing for a long time. They allow for peaceful fishing adventures and paddling the raft enables one to get into unique fishing spots that may not be possible from a larger boat. These inflatable fishing rafts vary in size and price and will suit most needs.

Bestway Inflatable Voyager 500 Fishing Raft
The Voyager makes for a comfortable family fishing raft. It is very affordable, semi-rugged and constructed with 22 gauge PVC. It can hold up to 495 lbs. and comes with all around grab rope, built-in grommets, heavy-duty handles, repair patch and sturdy oar locks. The oars, fishing pole and arm bands seen in the picture are not included.

Fish Hunter Inflatable Fishing Raft
The Fish Hunter is a great inflatable raft for a very affordable price. It comes with two fishing rod holders, a small gear bag, a battery pouch, lots of tie downs and grab lines as well as 4 drain plugs. It also has boston safety valves, swivel oarlocks, chafing pads, two inflatable seats and has the option of adding a 3 hp gas motor. The Fish Hunter weighs 30 lbs. and is capable of carrying 700 lbs.

Sea Eagle Motormount Fishing Boat
Great for fishing, this high quality motormount boat can be paddled like a raft or enjoyed with a motor. It comes in three different sizes and is NMMA Certified. This Sea Eagle boat is made of extremely rugged 38mil PVC Polykrylar material.

It has an I-beam floor for rigidity, an all around grap line, bow towing grommet, bow carry handle, 2 built in rod holders, molded oarclasps, four molded oarlocks, a safety chamber above the main chamber, pressure gauge and a repair kit. This inflatable boat is loaded and comes at a very reasonable price. Also has a great 3 year warranty.

Seamax Air230 V-Hull Inflatable Fishing Raft
This Seamax comes in three different sizes and is perfect for fishing, hunting, sailing or paddling out at sea. It is capable of adding a motor and comes with a bow bag, durable rubbing strake, 1 skid resistant plywood bench seat, life lines and front handles. It is constructed with good quality PVC and has a one-way drain valve. This is a very rugged fishing boat that has the possibility of lasting many years.

Sevylor Fish Master 325 Inflatable Fishing Raft
The Fish Master is quite a rugged inflatable raft that is capable of carrying up to 5 people or 900 lbs. It comes with a wooden slatted floor and two wooden bench seats as well as swivel oarlocks, oar holders, mooring ring, fishing rod holder and water drain plugs. It also has the option of adding a 3 hp gas motor. This inflatable raft was designed for fishing and hunting and is made of high quality PVC fabric.

Inflatable River Rafts

Inflatable river rafts are built tougher and can handle some major rapids. Most inflatable river rafts will be self-bailing and they come in different sizes. These rafts mean business and can take a real beating. They tend to be much higher in price than your average recreational raft

Aire Puma Air Floor Raft
Great for paddling, fishing or transporting gear, the Aire Puma is extremely solid and when inflated completely rigid. It comes with Aires 10 year warranty and is popular with outfitters, families and smaller groups looking to take on some big water and possibly catch some good fish.

Aire Super Puma Air Floor Raft
The Super Puma is constructed with unbelievably tough and rugged materials. It is extremely rigid and comes with Aire’s great 10 year warranty. This raft is a fairly large design and can accommodate up to six people. The Super Puma comes with two thwarts, with an option of a third and is ideal for paddling, fishing or transporting gear.

NRS E-150 Self-Bailing Raft
This NRS inflatable raft can hold up to 11 people and offers excellent stability, great control and maneuverability. It has 20″ tubes and is 7′ wide. It is popular for outfitters and families looking to take on some tough rivers where stability is crucial. This raft is tough and comes with an awesome 10 year warranty.

NRS E-136 Self-Bailing Raft
This is a smaller self-bailing raft that is able to take on medium to big water. It is extremely stable and its 30″ rocker is able to handle some pretty big drops. It is capable of holding 6 – 8 people and offers excellent maneuverability. This NRS inflatable raft comes with a 10 year warranty.

Tributary 13.0 SB Inflatable Raft
This is Tributary’s smaller inflatable raft. It has a unique design in that the tube diminishes slightly in the bow and the stern. It also has piano hinge style lacing. These two design features allow this whitewater raft to punch through the rapids easier and quickly. This self-bailing raft offers excellent quality for a decent price. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Tributary 14.0 SB Inflatable Raft
The Tributary 14.0 is the exact same raft as the Tributary 13.0 except that it is slightly larger. It has the same unique design that can handle whitewater rapids beautifully and works very well for whitewater rafters, families, outfitters and fishing. This inflatable raft also comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Inflatable Rafts for Flat Water and Recreational Fun

These are simply an array of average inflatable rafts that would work great for families, kids and summer fun. They are best used on flat water such as on lakes and calm rivers. They are a perfect accessory for camping and come in a variety of sizes.

Challenger 200 Inflatable Raft – 2 Person
Good quality raft with 3 air chambers. Easy to inflate, constructed with tough PVC fabric and can hold up to 265 lbs. This raft comes with all around grab lines, inflatable I-beam floor, grab handle at bow, welded oar locks and a repair patch.

Intex Challenger 3 Inflatable Raft – 3 Person
The Challenger 300 can hold up to three people. Made with tough PVC this raft comes with all around grab lines, grab handle at bow, welded oar locks, inflatable I-beam floor and a repair patch.

Intex Explorer Inflatable Raft
This raft is about as cheap as they come and will cost you less then $20. It can hold two people or up to 210 lbs. and comes with a grab rope on the bow and welded oar locks. Also included is two oars, a mini air pump and a repair patch.

Sevylor Caravelle 3 Person Inflatable Raft
This raft is a little better quality but still comes at a great price.

It can hold three people or up to 600 lbs. It is made with good quality PVC and has the option of adding a small motor. Included with the raft is a foot pump, a pair of oars, a boston valve and a repair kit.

Sevylor Super Caravelle 4 Person Inflatable Raft
This is a great raft for families and kids. It can hold up to four people or 700 lbs. It has an airtight guarantee meaning that it will not leak and comes with inflatable seats for extra comfort.

It is capable to attach a small motor to this raft and it comes with swivel oarlocks, all around grab lines, a carry handle and a repair kit. This inflatable raft is very rugged and also comes in several other sizes, larger and smaller.

Inflatable Pool Rafts

If you have a pool then you need pool toys. Inflatable pool rafts are mini rafts that are great for kids and adults alike who love to bask in the warm summer rays in the pool. They can also be used in lakes for summer fun.

Poolmaster 2 Person Inflatable Raft

Great for relaxing days in the pool. Bright colored and comfortable, the Poolmaster weighs only 7 lbs. and can fit two people. Made with heavy duty vinyl this inflatable raft comes with oar locks and perimeter rope.

Sevylor 1 Person Inflatable Pool Raft
Great for one person this inflatable raft can hold up to 150 lbs. It is made with Sevylor’s good quality materials and comes with molded oar locks and an all around grab line. Perfect pool accessory.

Sevylor Sunburst 3 Person Inflatable Pool Raft
This inflatable pool raft can hold three people or up to 450 lbs. The Sunburst raft comes with 2 molded oarlocks and an all around grab line.

It also comes with oars and pump all for a very good price.

Floating Water Hammock
Fabulous water hammock that is a must for any pool.

It inflates quickly and folds easily into a lightweight disc. It has a built in pillow and has a nylon with steel/PVC frame. Great for reading, relaxing and socializing.

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