Beginner Kayaking Mistakes

The first time out in a kayak can be not only fun but extremely exhilarating. There are a few mistakes that many new kayakers make however that are good to be aware of.

Beginner Kayaking Mistake # 1

The first mistake that many new kayakers make is choosing the wrong kayak. Whether you are renting, borrowing a friends or perhaps purchasing, lots of newbie will want to use the sleekest and the fastest kayak available. This is a huge mistake for one very big reason…

  • The sleeker the kayak is, the less stable it is. Typically the wider a kayak is the more stability you will have. If you have had no experience maneuvering a kayak you will not want to end up in a sleek speed machine… especially if you are out in the ocean. The end result will almost always be swimming in the water… without your boat. Start off with the steady-eddy and take it slow, at least until you get your basic strokes down. There is no point going fast if you can’t keep upright in the water. Take the slow ride and enjoy the scenery… you will be much happier and a whole lot dryer.
Beginner Kayaking Mistake # 2

A common mistake that not only newbies make but I have also seen many experienced kayakers make is to paddle from the arms. The strength of the paddle stroke while maneuvering a kayak needs to come first and foremost from the torso. It doesn’t matter if you are kayaking in a calm lake, forging through the whitewater rapids or riding the ocean surf… your strength should come from your core muscles, mainly your torso. Learn the proper paddling techniques and you will find that you can go much further with much less strain on your arm and shoulder muscles.

Beginner Kayaking Mistake # 3

I don’t care what kind of kayak you are using, but if you have a kayak seat that is cheap, hard or measly looking you are inevitably going to end up uncomfortable and with a sore back. When this happens the paddling experience becomes labored, uncomfortable and worst of all not enjoyable. Kayaking in my opinion should be a happy event so if you are just starting out, get yourself a good seat. I promise you it will make a world of difference. I am all about comfort and if my back gets sore then all I can think about is getting out of the water… fast. This is easily solved with a good supportive kayak seat or else a back band and/or kayak seat cushion. They are worth the very small investment and will likely last you forever. Go for comfort and you will be able to enjoy kayaking for a very long time. View some of our favorite kayak comfort items that we couldn’t live without.

Bottom line…

Any time we try a new sport or a new activity there will always be some learning curves. Hopefully the above mentioned tips and advice will help you to get through your learning curves lickety-split with little trouble, discomfort or unease. In no time flat you will go from a beginner kayaker to a seasoned pro.

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