Sea Eagle 385fta FastTrack Angler Review

The new FastTrack Angler is about as cool as it gets for kayak fishing. We loved reviewing this inflatable kayak and found it to be not only extremely functional but also well thought out, comfortable and fun to use. Similar in size and shape to the regular 385 FastTrack the 385 FastTrack Angler series glides […]

DryCase Waterproof Backpack Review

I bought this waterproof backpack specifically for kayaking and I have also used it occasionally while stand-up paddling. I wanted a bag that would keep my lunch, camera and extra gear dry and also be functional to use outside of the kayak. Sometimes I like to paddle to a hiking destination. The DryCase waterproof backpack works […]

How To Select An Inflatable Kayak

If you have decided an inflatable kayak will fit your lifestyle then comes the task of choosing one that will suit your needs best. There are a TON of options to choose from and it can definitely be confusing when you are not familiar yet with all the different brands, makes and models. Hopefully our […]

Doggles ILS Dog Goggles Review

I always wear sunglasses when kayaking for the obvious reason of protecting my eyes from the sun glaring off the water. As many of you know my dog Seth comes kayaking with me almost every time. It occurred to me that his eyes need UV protection as well. I noticed in the hot weather that […]

Werner Camano Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

I went years paddling with a regular aluminum kayak paddle. My old standard paddle worked fine for a long time but it was time to upgrade and I wanted something lighter, more efficient and overall just more fun to use. I did a LOT of research trying to figure out which paddle to buy. I […]

Sea Eagle 473rl RazorLite Review

The solo 393rl kayak has quickly become my absolute favorite inflatable kayak and I paddle it now all the time. I was excited to try out the new tandem version, the 473rl to see how it compared. As expected it was equally as strong and rigid. It paddled straight and glided nicely. It is quite […]

Ideal Paddle Length For Inflatable Kayaks

Choosing a paddle to be used with an inflatable kayak is a little different than buying a paddle for a hard-shell kayak. Typically (although not always), an inflatable kayak will be wider than a regular kayak. The wider width has to be taken into consideration when buying a paddle as does your height and the […]

Sea Eagle RazorLite vs. Sea Eagle FastTrack

You may have noticed that Sea Eagle has come out with a new inflatable kayak this year called the 393 RazorLite. This new kayak model is sleek, well made and totally unique to any other inflatable kayak on the market. The popular Sea Eagle FastTrack has been my personal choice for paddling for a number […]

Sea Eagle 393rl RazorLite Review

Best Uses: Lakes, ocean bays, calm rivers Brand: Sea Eagle Number of Paddlers 1 Specs: Length: 12’9”, Width 28” (25″ at waterline), Weight 28 lbs., Load Capacity 500 lbs. Accessories Included: Small removable rear fin, adjustable footrest, tall back seat with comfort seat pad, either the AB40 4-piece kayak paddle or the AB50 2-piece carbon […]

New Innova Swing EX

Innova has a new version of their popular Innova Swing now available called the Innova Swing EX. This is the expedition model.  It’s a nice looking decked inflatable kayak that offers all of the advantages of the regular Swing with a few extras. Innova is known for making inflatable kayaks with more environmentally friendly materials. […]