A Beginners Guide to Kayaking

This is a guest post by Sandra Roberts.  Sandra is a freelance writer with a passion for being out in nature.  She has been kayaking with family and friends for over 30 years. Kayaking is a terrific pastime that can provide hours of good clean fun, having said that there can be some dangers if […]

How to Buy a Kayak for All Paddle Sports

This is a guest post by Steve Hanson. Steve is a paddle sport enthusiast with many years of kayaking and boating experience. It is no good resisting the temptation any longer; you are hooked on paddle sports and have decided that it is time to buy a kayak of your very own. How difficult can […]

Inflatable Kayak Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I have been asked a lot of different questions regarding inflatable kayaks. This is a collection of them that hopefully will be of help to those who are new to the inflatable kayak world. If there are any important questions and answers that you feel I have missed and would benefit others, […]

Advantages of Kayaking with a Sail

Adding a sail to your kayak can create a whole new and very pleasurable experience. There are lots of advantages to using a kayak sail and very few negatives. There used to be very few models to chose from that worked for inflatable kayaks and in my opinion they either weren’t all that great or […]

Why are Inflatable Kayaks so Resilient?

In my experience when I tell someone I mainly paddle inflatable kayaks, they are always a little wary of a) how safe they are b) how they perform, and most of all c) their resiliency. One of my closest lifelong friends lives roughly 365 miles from where I live. Sometimes we meet up in the […]

Inflatable Kayak Health Advantages

I have received several emails over the past couple of years from people who have switched to an inflatable kayak because of different health issues that they currently suffer from or have suffered from in the past. These are people who have done a fair amount of kayaking in their life but because of various […]

The Inflatable Kayak Mattress Push-Through Tent

Nigel from the UK was nice enough to share his brilliant idea on how to transform his inflatable kayak into a mattress/tent for overnight kayaking trips. I thought his idea was worth sharing and would be useful for anyone doing solo overnight paddling trips. The great thing about his idea is that it is easy, […]

Practical Advice for New Paddlers

So you are heading out for your first day of kayaking. Before hitting the water and just winging it, there are a few practical things to know first that will greatly help to make the experience positive and fun. Below are 5 tips for new kayakers to know before your first paddling trip. 1. What […]

Great Kayaking Activity Ideas

Those who paddle do it for a number of different reasons. Some do it for fun, for exercise, as a way to float around and enjoy the water, for fishing, and some even use it for transportation. If you love to kayak but are getting bored with just paddling around your usual lake, river or […]

Custom Additions to the Sea Eagle 370 Kayak

I received an email a while ago from one of our visitors named Ben who explained how he custom outfitted his SE 370 inflatable kayak to suit his needs. I thought what he did was really creative and showed the possibilities of what you can do with your kayak if you have the desire to […]