New Innova Swing EX

Innova has a new version of their popular Innova Swing now available called the Innova Swing EX. This is the expedition model.  It’s a nice looking decked inflatable kayak that offers all of the advantages of the regular Swing with a few extras. Innova is known for making inflatable kayaks with more environmentally friendly materials. […]

New Sea Eagle RazorLite Inflatable Kayak

A new inflatable kayak is hitting the market at the end of November. It is called the Sea Eagle RazorLite. I am really excited about this announcement because I think the RazorLite looks and sounds fantastic. It is a solo model that is built for performance. It is long and lean and Sea Eagle states […]

New & Improved Angler FastTrack Package

Sea Eagle has started the New Year with a new anglers package option for their popular FastTrack inflatable kayak. The 385ftg as it is called was designed to meet the needs of any angler. I was very excited to see this option available. Inflatable kayaks are extremely popular for fishing but there are not too […]

Newly Designed Airis Inflatable Kayaks by Walker Bay

Walker Bay has been a leader in recreational water products since 1997 and they used to have a very good line of inflatable kayaks called Airis. The Airis kayaks went off the market for awhile and were redesigned and improved upon in late 2012. The new models are now available and I am quite excited […]

New 2013 Sea Eagle FastTrack Design

Sea Eagle has redesigned their popular FastTrack inflatable kayak for 2013.  According to the company the new model is lighter, sleeker, has a more asymetrical shape and is able to go faster with less paddling effort. I love when manufacturers continually strive to improve their kayak designs. Especially with inflatable kayaks I find that improvements […]

Advanced Elements Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Although most inflatable kayaks can be used for fishing not many are outfitted for anglers as well as the Advanced Elements StraitEdge fishing kayak. The StraitEdge has some great features that make this inflatable not only convenient for fishing but fun to paddle as well. Important Features Below are some of the reasons the StaitEdge […]

The Flyak – A Flying Kayak

I was reading the other day about the Flyak – a kayak that flies just above the surface of the water once it reaches a certain speed. Not sure if many people have already heard of it but I thought it was so cool, I had to share it with all of you. The Flyak, […]

New Innova Kayak – The Swing

Innova kayaks has released a brand new model as of May 1st of this year… The Innova Swing. The Swing kayak has a beautiful design and comes in a single or double version. It is unique in that it has a closed deck that uses a tubeless system. It is ideal for lake paddling, up […]

New Sea Eagle Green Machine Kayak Package

The Sea Eagle FastTrack has a cool new package now available called the Green Machine Package. It is available for both the 385 FastTrack and the 465 FastTrack. What is the Green Machine Package? This package allows you to power your kayak in three different environmentally friendly ways: By Paddling – the usual self-powered way […]

New Sea Eagle FastTrack Fishing Package

For those who love to fish and want the convenience of a kayak to access remote locations, Sea Eagle has recently come out with a new fishing package for their popular FastTrack inflatable kayak. The Sea Eagle FastTrack fishing package is available for both the tandem 385 FastTrack as well as for the larger 465 […]