How to Empty a Capsized Kayak

Have you ever had the misfortune of tipping your kayak in the water… with you in it? If you are wearing your lifejacket this is usually not that big of a deal. It can happen easily and if it does you need to know how to empty the water out of your overturned kayak. Just […]

Packing an Inflatable Kayak First Aid & Safety Kit

If you have a standard first aid and safety kit that you have with you at all times while kayaking then you don’t ever have to worry. You know you are prepared for the worst and you can enjoy and have fun. Packing your own safety kit is easy… you just need a few essentials. […]

Inflatable Kayak Safety Tips

There are always safety risks while traveling through water and kayaking is no different. By being aware of a few safety precautions you can glide through the water worry free. Safety Tip #1 – Always wear a lifejacket that is securely fastened so as not to slip off in the rapids. Safety Tip #2 – […]