Winter Kayaking Safety Precautions

It is a lot harder to get motivated to go out paddling in cold conditions but I always find that once out there, I am thankful I went. With the proper gear it’s all very doable. The number one concern while paddling in cold weather is swimming. Being submerged in cold water can quickly lead […]

10 Important Canoeing Safety Items

Although it is easy to grab your canoe and just head out onto the water, it is important to stop and put together a few safety items first. If you have these items gathered in a paddling bag or kept near your canoe then you won’t have to bother trying to remember what to bring […]

Kayak Fishing Safety and First Aid

It is important for all kayak anglers to take safety and first aid seriously. Being out on the water leaves you vulnerable to the elements as well as to motorboats and mishaps. Being prepared when you go out to fish can allow you to focus on what you are there to do – catch fish. […]

Build your Kayak Safety Kit

Kayak safety is obviously an important issue if you are going to do any paddling. If you have the proper safety kit on board you can feel confident that you are ready to deal with any challenge that comes your way. For paddling on open water such as on lakes or on the ocean there […]

Top 6 Boating Safety Tips

Proper boating safety is usually improved upon as you develop more boating experience.  I think soaking up as much knowledge as you can before you head out on the water is the safest thing you can do in order to keep yourself, your passengers and your boat safe. The below boating safety tips can be applied […]

Kayaking Safety Protocol

I live close to Okanagan Lake which is 135 km long, 4-5 km wide and has a surface area of 351 km. This lake is extremely popular in the summer months with locals and tons of tourists. It is FULL of speed boats, sail boats, kayakers, wakeboarders, water skiers, etc. Although I prefer a less […]

Real Life Paddling Safety Precautions

Recently I read an article on our local news website in my hometown. Two men were paddling in their inflatable canoe (from the picture it looked like a really good quality one) on the very large Okanagan Lake in my area. They were training for a race that was taking place the following day that […]

Reading the Weather Before & During a Kayak Trip

I have always wanted to be able to easily read the weather without having to look it up online or hear it on the radio. For kayaking, knowing the weather is extremely important. I have had the misfortune of being out on the ocean having a happy paddling experience when sudden winds picked up and […]

Safety Information for Ocean Kayaking

For those of you who love the experience of ocean kayaking there are a few things that need to be considered before starting your trip. The ocean surf and the weather can be very unpredictable and if you are planning a kayaking trip of any length or distance you will want to check navigation charts, tides […]

How to Safely Wet Exit and Swim with your Kayak

When a kayak capsizes we are automatically dumped from our kayak. If exiting an overturned kayak has not been practiced it can be a scary experience. There are a few simple steps that can help to calmly slide out of your capsized kayak and keep hold of your paddle while you are doing it. If […]