Inflatable Kayaks for Under $150

Are you looking for a budget inflatable kayak? One that perhaps you are not expecting to last a long time but will get you, your friends, your family and your kids out on the water a few times this year. A cheap inflatable kayak can be used as a fun play toy for lake or […]

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Kids

When your kids are young you will most likely want them to be in the same kayak as the adults. However as they get a bit older they may want to venture out in their own inflatable kayak. There are many models that are ideal for kids of all kayaking skill levels to set up […]

Whitewater Inflatable Kayak Pros and Cons

Whitewater inflatable kayaks are designed for those who want to paddle down raging rivers, manoeuvre around rocks and holes and generally do all sorts of crazy tricks that flat water kayakers wouldn’t dare. Consequently the whitewater kayaks have a unique design that allows for great manoeuvrability and control. For those who are considering whether or […]

Sea Eagle 380 Explorer vs 385 FastTrack

I have had so many questions from people who are trying to choose between the Sea Eagle 380x and the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack. I can understand the confusion as these two inflatable kayaks have some very similar characteristics and are very comparable in size as well as in price. I feel I can offer a […]

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak FAQ

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks have and likely always will be some of the most popular inflatable kayak models. Every single one of their models has a great design and a nice look as well as very affordable prices. As far as quality of construction, warranty and performance are concerned they lag behind some of the […]

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Speed

Inflatable kayaks are not normally associated with speed. They tend to be wider, slower and may have more side-to-side yaw movement. However there are some models that are more streamlined and although they may not be able to compete in a race against a sleek hard shell kayak, they do move at a pretty good […]

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak Pros and Cons

Sevylor inflatable kayaks are very well known for two reasons: They have been around for a long time and are sold at a lot of different places They tend to be fairly affordable Sevylor in fact is one of the oldest manufacturers of inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats. In the past Sevylor kayaks have been […]

Best Inflatable Kayak for Families

Over the past year I have received a LOT of questions from those looking for a good inflatable kayak that will comfortably fit a combination of two adults and two kids, or one adult and two or three kids, or two adults plus dog, etc. Essentially the question is “which is the best inflatable kayak […]

Popular 1 Person Inflatable Kayaks

If you are looking for a 1 person inflatable kayak but are not sure which one to choose then hopefully the lists below will help narrow down your options. A one person inflatable kayak is convenient for several reasons: It can be great for traveling as it will tend to weigh less than a tandem inflatable kayak It can […]

Lightest Inflatable Kayaks

Are you looking for the lightest inflatable kayaks? A lightweight inflatable kayak can be absolutely ideal for those looking to travel. It can also be perfect for a person who will be carrying and transporting the kayak by themselves. Many inflatable kayak companies are using new types of materials that allow for rugged construction as well […]