How To Select An Inflatable Kayak

If you have decided an inflatable kayak will fit your lifestyle then comes the task of choosing one that will suit your needs best. There are a TON of options to choose from and it can definitely be confusing when you are not familiar yet with all the different brands, makes and models. Hopefully our […]

Sea Eagle RazorLite vs. Sea Eagle FastTrack

You may have noticed that Sea Eagle has come out with a new inflatable kayak this year called the 393 RazorLite. This new kayak model is sleek, well made and totally unique to any other inflatable kayak on the market. The popular Sea Eagle FastTrack has been my personal choice for paddling for a number […]

Pros & Cons Of Decked Inflatable Kayaks

There are a few inflatable kayaks that offer the option of a closed-in deck. The decks can offer more protection from the elements. I like the look of these models as I think the kayaks look and feel a little more like a traditional fiberglass kayak. However there are some definite pros and cons to […]

Inflatable Kayak Price Expectations

One of the most common questions I get asked when I am out in my inflatable kayak from people who are curious about them is “how much does one of those things go for?” The truth is that prices can vary quite dramatically and you might wonder what the difference is between a cheaper model […]

The Ultimate Travel Kayak

I recently reviewed the newly designed Airis kayaks by Walker Bay so have been writing about them quite a bit lately. I was so impressed with their quality, performance and most of all their convenience and portability. One of their models in particular, the Airis Play is the absolute ideal inflatable kayak to take traveling. […]

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Certain inflatable kayaks can make excellent fishing boats. They are very comfortable and sometimes you can even have the option of mounting a small motor. The great thing about owning an inflatable fishing kayak is the ability to take it with you anywhere… on road trips, camping trips and traveling by airplane or by vehicle […]

Comprehensive Inflatable Kayak Reviews

The easiest way to know which kayak is right for you is to read informative inflatable kayak reviews that give you real life opinions. Our detailed reviews were created by doing lots of research, reading every review we could possibly find, as well as incorporating our own personal experience with many of the kayaks. Consequently […]

Top 5 Inflatable Kayaks

These are the inflatable kayaks chosen to be in the top five group. They were chosen for quality, stability, value, popularity, warranty and performance. They are in no particular order as they each have their own unique features, uses, pros and cons. For more detailed info click on the kayak names below to read our […]

Inflatable Kayaks for the Beginner

Those who are new to kayaking or who want to introduce a friend or family member to the paddling world are in luck because inflatable kayaks are known to be excellent for beginners. Besides being easy and comfortable to paddle, there is one very important reason that they are great for beginners… they are incredibly […]

Fiberglass and Inflatable Kayak Differences

If you have kayaked before in a regular plastic or fiberglass kayak and are now considering purchasing an inflatable kayak you may be wondering how they measure up. If you have never kayaked before at all you might wonder what is the difference between the two. There are some noticeable and real differences between an […]