Protection for your Inflatable Boat

One of the best things you can do to protect the material of your inflatable boat is to use a 303 protectant spray. I have touched on this in other articles and you will find a post under the Gear & Accessories section that focuses on it. However  I wanted to add it specifically here […]

How to Properly Care for your Inflatable Kayak

Many people are concerned to use an inflatable kayak because they think they will possibly get a puncture and sink. However the truth is that the majority of damage to an inflatable kayak is caused by improperly storing it or by over inflating it. There are some very cheap models of inflatable kayaks and boats that can puncture. […]

How to Adjust your Inflatable Kayak Air Pressure

The air pressure of all inflatable kayaks and boats will change according to the weather. In very hot weather the air pressure of your inflatable will increase and in very cold weather or in heavy rain your inflatable will lose air pressure. Knowing how to work with the changes in air pressure will make sure […]

How to Dry Out your Inflatable Kayak

As convenient and fun as an inflatable kayak is the one hassle is drying it out at the end of your kayak trip. How clean and dry you get your kayak after each use will depend on how you are storing it. I have had a lot of practice with drying my inflatable kayak as well […]

Inflatable Kayak Parts Guide

There are certain parts to an inflatable kayak that are unique to inflatables and very different from hard-shell kayaks. If you are not used to an inflatable kayak it is important to understand these parts and how they work. Air Chambers Each inflatable kayak will be constructed with multiple air chambers. This will ensure that […]

Inflatable Kayak Care & Repair

With some proper care, your inflatable kayak should last you for many years and still be in near perfect condition. These simple steps will help to ensure the health and longevity of your inflatable kayak. How to Care for your Inflatable Kayak Store it in a cool, dry spot – make sure the kayak is […]