Airhead Montana 2 Person Review

Best Uses: Lakes, mild whitewater

Brand: Airhead by Kwik Tek

Number of Paddlers: 2

Stats: Length 12’, Weight 36.3 lbs, Load Capacity > 300 lbs

Accessories Included: 2 inflatable seats with adjustable backrest and mesh back storage pocket, footrest, 4 attached bottom fins, instruction manual, 90 day warranty

Kayak Material: 840-denier nylon with UV and water-resistant coatings

Pros: Stable, portable, lightweight, quick to inflate, easy to maneuver, compact, easy entry and exit, decent storage space and stretched netting in the bow, neoprene elbow guards, 6 D-rings for securing gear, grab handles make it very easy to lift, drain plug to rid excess water from kayak, very affordable

Cons: Does not come with carry/storage bag (but does have good carry straps which make it easy to carry) tracking not the greatest, seats can be a bit wobbly (helps not to over-inflate them)

Available At: – Airhead Montana 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

More Detailed Info

The Airhead Montana 2 Person is identical to the Montana 1 person except it is just over two feet longer, comes with two seats, weighs 9 lbs. more and is capable of holding more weight.

This tandem version of the Montana is ideal for paddling with a friend or family member or for those who would like the option to bring more gear and in general to just have more room.

Airhead Montana 2-person inflatable kayak

The 2 person Montana is still light enough to be easily carried. I found that with the convenient side grab handles I could still pick up the 2 person Montana by myself although I wouldn’t want to carry it very far.

However it is very easy for two people to carry it and there is always the option of using a kayak cart with wheels to move it from your vehicle to the water.

This 2 person inflatable kayak has all the same advantages of the solo version including:

  • Grab handles – These are very convenient as mentioned above
  • Elbow Guards – The soft neoprene elbow guards keep your elbows, arms and hands comfortable and protects against rubbing.
  • Footrest – The footrest at the front of the kayak is for the person sitting in front – the person sitting at the back can use the front seat as a footrest.
  • Storage – Enough storage space for a couple of dry bags and you can also tie down some gear with the stretched net in the bow.
  • Seat – The bottom of the seat is inflatable and the back is adjustable. The seat secures to the D-rings inside the kayak. The seat is fairly comfortable although a bit wobbly. I found it was less wobbly if I did not inflate the bottom seat all the way. There is a handy mesh pocket on the back of each seat that can easily fit your sunscreen and some snacks.
  • Design – The Montana is a great orange colour that provides excellent visibility in the water. The kayak itself is fairly wide which is not suitable for speed but does make it very stable.
  • Performance – I personally found the tracking to not be the greatest and consequently it does not paddle in a nice straight line on flat water. However it is easily manoeuvrable and responsive to quick turns which makes it fun in small waves. If speed is not an issue for you it is quite easy and fun to paddle.

Airhead Montana 2


Airhead Montana tandem kayak rolled up

The whole setup process is easy and takes roughly ten minutes total with the foot pump.

There are three separate air valves to inflate… One on each side and one for the floor.

Having three air valves is ideal because if you ever get a leak in one section the other two will stay afloat and get you back to shore safely. Inflatable kayaks are known to be practically unsinkable.

Airhead Montana 2 deflated

You can keep pumping with the foot pump until it becomes too hard to pump any longer. At that point the kayak will be fully inflated.

Then you will need to inflate the seats and attach them to the D-rings. You can play with the inflation of the seats a little bit the first couple times out to find what air pressure is most comfortable for you.

I found that when they were fully inflated they were quite wobbly in the kayak. A little less air felt better to me.

That’s about it for the setup process, it’s really fast. Once you are finished kayaking simply deflate each air valve, dry the kayak off and roll it up. It is very portable and convenient!

Airhead tandem kayak

Airhead Montana solo and tandem inflatable kayaks

Solo and Tandem Montana

Our Video

Final Thoughts

In my opinion the Airhead Montana inflatable kayak is best suited for the beginner kayaker looking for a very affordable and portable inflatable kayak for recreational use.

What this kayak lacks in tracking, it makes up for in style and great features and is fun to paddle in flat water as well as in mild whitewater and ocean chop.

For more detailed information please see our review of the Airhead Montana solo kayak.

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  1. Hi Allison,
    I’m news to kayaking and am thinking of going the inflatable path. I saw the airhead montana tandem priced at less than half the NRS outlaw 2 and was wondering what exactly makes the outlaw more expensive. You seemed not so fussed by the montana but it doesn’t seem too bad. If it is manoeuvres better than holding a line is it therefore good for whitewater?

    • Hi Andre, The Montana Tandem isn’t a bad kayak and you are right the price is quite good. I think it’s just one of those things where you get what you pay for… The construction and material of the Montana isn’t as solid and strong as the Outlaw. The tracking isn’t as good but for whitewater it handles okay and it has no problem maneuvering through some mild whitewater. It just won’t handle or maneuver quite as well as the Outlaw. It is stable however and especially for a beginner I think the Montana is just fine. However if you start paddling a lot my feeling is you will likely outgrow it and want a better kayak down the road. Hope that helps.

  2. Dick Millar says:

    I am considering getting an inflatable kayak. I want to be able to take my dog out on the water with me, where ever we might travel. She is a very active (hyper) 50 lbs dog, and I’m worried about the durability of the material. I’ve been looking at the Montana Tandem as a possibility. I have been kayaking for years, although not an expert, and I currently have an Eddyline Carbonlite kayak. I noticed in your video the the Montana doesn’t seem to track real well. Do you have any recommendations for an inflatable that would be appropriate for my dog and I?

    • Hi Dick, The Montana 2 is fairly durable but you are right the tracking isn’t great. I used the Sea Eagle FastTrack for years to paddle with my dog. It is a little higher priced but it is a much better kayak. It tracks better and is super durable. The Montana gets you out on the water but it’s a cheaper kayak for sure. If you want to keep the price down I would say take a look at the Sea Eagle 370 sport kayak over the Montana. It isn’t as good as the FastTrack but it tracks much better than the Montana and is still suitable for paddling with a dog.

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