Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak FAQ

Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks have and likely always will be some of the most popular inflatable kayak models. Every single one of their models has a great design and a nice look as well as very affordable prices.

As far as quality of construction, warranty and performance are concerned they lag behind some of the more expensive brands but for most recreational paddlers their inflatable kayaks and inflatable canoe work just fine.  If you are considering an Advanced Elements kayak then the below frequently asked questions should be helpful.

Advanced Elements FAQ

How long is the Advanced Elements warranty?
Each of the AE inflatable kayaks and canoes come with a limited one year warranty. You can register your warranty online or fill out the warranty registration that comes with the owner’s manual, and mail it in.

How many models do they have to choose from?
At this time there are 11 different kayaks and canoes to choose from. Some are for solo paddling and others are for tandem paddling.

Can I buy direct from Advanced Elements
AE only sells through retails stores. Please see our individual inflatable kayak reviews to see a list of which online retailers sell the specific models.

Do their kayaks come with a carry case?
Yes each one of the AE kayaks and canoes comes with an easy to carry, heavy-duty duffel bag for transportation and storage.

What size pump do I need?
The ¾” pump fitting is universal to all valves on Advanced Elements kayaks. A regular bellows foot pump works great. You can also use a 12v electric pump but you will need to top off the air pressure with a foot pump or a double action hand pump for full inflation. This is because a 12v pump works great to get the inflation started but has the possibility of bursting the kayak if pumped too far. With a foot pump or a hand pump it is impossible to burst your kayak and they will make sure it is inflated as rigid as it can be.

Are the Advanced Elements kayaks self-bailing?
The majority of their kayaks are dry boats meaning they are not self-bailing. The only boat that is self-bailing is the StraitEdge kayak as it is designed for rivers and whitewater use. This kayak has the option of opening the ports for drainage or keeping them closed for flat water use.

How long do the AE kayaks take to inflate?
Once you know what you are doing it takes approximately five minutes to inflate any of their kayaks with a foot pump.

Should I use a UV fabric protector?
It is recommended that you use a UV protectant spray with any inflatable kayak as it has shown to prolong the life of the material when it is exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors.

What is the best way to clean my kayak?
Wash it off with fresh water and let it air dry before soaking up any hard to get at wet spots with a towel and a sponge. You can also use an inflatable kayak cleaner that can be purchased at most inflatable boat stores which will help to remove any stains.

How easily can the AE kayaks be punctured?
Advanced Elements uses reinforced PVC fabric and hi-density fabrics for a strong construction. In order to puncture the main chamber from the bottom of the kayak you would need to pierce through three layers of material… this is not easy to do.

Why does air leak out when I remove the pump from the valve?
If air is leaking out when you remove the pump this is because the valve is in the deflate position. Make sure you twist the plunger so that it is no longer pushed in as this will stop any air from getting out as you inflate your kayak. See the owner’s manual for proper inflation and deflation techniques.

What is the easiest way to re-pack my inflatable kayak into its carry bag?
The kayak will be easiest to pack up once all the air is out of it. You can either reverse your pump and suck the air out of it or simply unlock the valves and work the air out with your hands. I usually lie down on top of the kayak and work the air out through the valves… it only takes seconds. Then follow the folding instructions in your owner’s manual.

Where can I order accessories for my inflatable kayak?
Accessories can typically be ordered from wherever you purchased your kayak from.

Where can I order replacement parts for my Advanced Elements kayak?
Replacement parts will need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer website.

What is the best way to store my kayak?
If you will be using it continually it doesn’t matter if you store it inflated or deflated. Just keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry area. If it will be stored for a longer period of time then make sure it is completely dried out (so you don’t get any mold or mildew), deflate it and store it in the carry bag in a cool dry area.

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