Inflatable Kayaks that Hold 500 Pounds or More

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can hold one heck of a lot of gear then you have a few different options. Below is a list of inflatable kayaks that can hold over 500 pounds and keep on gliding through the water smoothly with absolutely no problem. These are all tandem kayaks as they tend to be the ones that can hold more weight.

Inflatable Kayaks that can Hold over 500 lbs
  • Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible – Weight Capacity 550 lbs
    Great for recreational paddling and can be converted to a solo kayak. This kayak is affordable and sturdy. Gear can be tied down on the front of the kayak with the bungee cords or stored in the second cockpit. Read full review for Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Convertible.
  • Sea Eagle 340X – Weight Capacity 600 lbs
    Rugged, versatile and stable. Not a super fast kayak but excellent for exploring, expeditions, camping, fishing and wilderness kayaking. Read full review for Sea Eagle 340X.
  • Sea Eagle 370 – Weight Capacity 650 lbs
    Though this kayak can hold a lot of weight there is not much room to store any gear unless it is being paddled solo. However it is super light weight and can be taken anywhere very easily. Read full review Sea Eagle 370.
  • Sea Eagle PaddleSki – Weight Capacity 650 lbs
    Very versatile and can be used for paddling, rowing, sailing, motoring or fishing. It holds a ton of weight and weighs only – 49 – 57 lbs (depending on the size you get). Read full review Sea Eagle PaddleSki.
  • Sea Eagle 380X – Weight Capacity 750 lbs
    The ultimate exploration kayak. It can easily hold up to 750 pounds it is highly stable and totally rugged. It can handle whitewater rapids as well as flatwater. Not a fast kayak but versatile none the less. Read full review  Sea Eagle 380X.
  • Aire Sea Tiger – Weight Capacity 750 lbs
    This is a touring sea kayak that comes with a phenomenal ten year warranty. It tracks beautifully and gives a great performance. It is a little heavy weighing 61 lbs but works great for fishing, scuba-diving and even snorkeling. Read full review Aire Sea Tiger.
  • Sea Eagle 420X – Weight Capacity 853 lbs
    The 420X is largest of Sea Eagle’s explorer kayaks. There is no other inflatable kayak that can hold this much weight. This kayak has tons of room for two adults plus possibly a child or dog and lots of gear. Good for whitewater or flatwater. Read full review Sea Eagle 420X.
Inflatable Kayaks that Hold Exactly 500 Pounds
  • Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 – Weight Capacity 500 lbs
    This is a self-bailing whitewater kayak that also tracks decently on open. Not a lot of room for storage but is not a bad option. Read full review Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2.
  • Sea Eagle 330 – Weight Capacity 500 lbs
    Can hold a lot of weight but there is truly no room for gear storage unless it is paddled solo. Good beginner kayak. Read full review Sea Eagle 330.

Hopefully this list helps if you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can hold a ton of weight and get you to your destination without having to swim. Check out our extensive inflatable kayak comparison chart for more stats and details.

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