Importance of 303 Protectant for Inflatable Kayaks

There is very little care involved with an inflatable kayak. Besides drying it out, cleaning it now and again with an inflatable boat cleaner or an all natural cleaning agent the only thing you really need to concern yourself with is making sure it is UV protected.

Just like us, inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats need UV protection. UV rays will eventually wear down the material and weaken it. There is a very simple solution to that problem and that is to use a 303 Aerospace Protectant Spray.

If you own an inflatable kayak or an inflatable boat you should definitely have a 303 protectant spray handy. This will literally offer the best protection for all inflatable kayaks, canoes, boats and rafts.

One 16 oz. bottle only costs approximately $15 and it will last a very long time. I have been the same bottle for two years now and I still have lots left. Granted I am probably not using it as often as I should be but it still lasts a very long time.

303 Protectant Features

  • Extremely effective UV protection for all inflatable boat materials including Hypalon, PVC and Nitrylon.
  • Restores color, shine and gloss without being oily.
  • Easy to use – spray on and wipe off.
  • Repels dust, soiling and staining and treated surfaces will stay cleaner longer.
  • Does not contain any silicone oils, waxes, glycerine or petroleum distillates.
  • Besides being good for inflatable kayak materials it can also be used on vinyl, leather, fibreglass, plastic windows and chrome.
  • Also improves resistance to chemicals and other types of harmful exposure.
  • Non toxic and non-flammable

Proper Use

303 Protectant Spray is guaranteed to work when it is properly used as directed. Therefore below is exactly how to use this UV protectant spray.

  • Spray the entire inflatable kayak surface with 303 Protectant while your kayak is dry – really spray it so that it is wet and not just damp. Then wipe the boat completely dry with a clean and dry towel. Polish the boat with a new dry and clean towel to remove any excess 303.
  • Once finished your kayak or boat will have a nice shine and look like new.

It is recommended that you spray your inflatable kayak every 30 – 45 days with the 303 Protectant Spray. I personally don’t spray it that often but that is the recommendation for maximum protection.

Word of caution: One word of caution is that after first being sprayed your inflatable kayak material will be quite slick and slippery. So just be aware of this if you are spraying your seat or the area where you will be sitting or standing.

303 Aerospace Protectant Spray will help your inflatable kayak material stay strong for many years. It can be purchased at just about any inflatable kayak or inflatable boat retailer. See our list of inflatable kayak retailers for recommended online stores.


  1. Kevin O'Byrne says:

    Hi Allison! I know this sounds like a dumb question but, what the heck, it won’t be my first. When you say that all surfaces of the kayak should be sprayed with 303, I assume you mean all surfaces that are exposed to the sun. Yes? I imagine there would be little point in spraying the underside of the kayak or, say, the interior (black) floor of a Sea Eagle FastTrack inasmuch as it will be covered by the drop stitch inflatable floor. Would you agree with this, or is there some benefit to spraying even those parts of the kayak that are not normally exposed to the sun? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Kevin O’Byrne

    • Hi Kevin! I’ve never bothered spraying the very bottom or the inner black floor with the 303 since they are not directly exposed to the sun. However if you are mostly kayaking in saltwater it might be a good idea to spray those areas at least once a season as the 303 will also protect from saltwater damage.

  2. Allison, your article is so timely because I just bought an advanced elements kayak and the company recommends 303 and Revivex’s water proofing to protect the kayak. Yet, I do not know which to put on first the 303 or the revivex. So would you happen to know which would be better to put on first for best uv protection and waterproofing??

    With much appreciation,


    • Hi Laurie,
      I had another person ask me about which waterproofing agent to use and I wasn’t sure as I had only ever used the 303. I looked up the Revivex and it sounds perfect… so good to know! I would use the 303 first as it has to be wiped dry and then use the Revivex after. I’m not sure if it matters but it might even be a good idea to apply them on different days.
      Cheers, Allison

      • Thanks Allison and the different day idea sounds good. So I better get to work since I’m taking it kayaking this weekend with a new sail to try on it.



      • Oh wait I just realized it was you who asked about the waterproofing agent before. 🙂
        Glad you found one, I think I will get some Revivex too.

        • Hey Allison,

          Thanx for your response. I just wrote Advanced Elements and received a lightening fast, nearly instant response to my question.

          You were correct 303 first and waterproofing last.

          Celebrate life!


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